Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is LAWFUL and LEGAL to Remove the Illegal Bainimarama Regime

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Advisory Warning for the Senior Officers, Fiji Military Forces

George Speight
Col Gaddafi of Libya
Saddam‑Hussein's hanging
Dear Officers of the RFMF

Those of you who participated in the 2006 coup and those currently maintaining the illegal Bainimarama junta’s power must, at some time or other, have given thought to what your position would be upon the collapse of the illegal Bainimarama junta.  

You should also be aware of the law of treason and sedition, which is the same sentence received by George Speight for his part in the 2000 coup, and its impact upon yourselves, your careers and your families. In particular, is the punishment lying in store for the coup organisers and supporters of the illegal Bainimarama junta.

In carrying out the 2006 coup, the Commander RFMF, Frank Bainimarama, committed treason.  The punishment for his treason remains death or commutation, as it was with Speight who received life imprisonment. All those who  assisted the Commander to carry out the coup or to perpetuate his current grip on power are subject to the similar penalty, if not for treason then for sedition. Only the commutation of the death sentence passed upon Speight led to his current sentence of life imprisonment.

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In addition, the current Bainimarama military junta is bankrupt and Fiji is on the brink of economic collapse.  The efforts by the military junta to secure a relaxation of sanctions by promises of Constitutional review and holding of elections have failed, due the military junta’s evil reputation in the international community. 

The promises and assurances given by the Commander and Saiyed Khaiyum and their colleagues make no difference to this. The military junta has wasted and not accounted for billions of Fiji dollars, and is on the brink of collapse.

In this situation, you stand exposed to the most extreme penalties once the illegal Bainimarama junta collapses. The penalties potentially include death, but certainly embrace life imprisonment. The destruction of yourselves, your careers and your families are too heavy a price to pay for your continuing support of the Commander Frank Bainimarama (who committed treason) and his illegal military junta.

You are not however helpless to tamely await your fate once the regime falls.  And you are not obliged forever to continue to support the Commander and Khaiyum while they destroy your beloved country, enrich themselves and continue their reign of lies, corruption and terror.

I now suggest the answer to this problem you face.

By now you should be aware that the Fiji Court of Appeal ruled in 2009 that the Commander’s military junta is unlawful.  The military junta did not appeal that decision. Therefore, everything done by the Commander’s military junta is unlawful. 

On the perverted advice of Khaiyum the Commander ignored that binding ruling and started issuing more and more illegal Decrees and began governing by force.

Because Bainimarama’s junta is unlawful, therefore it is LAWFUL and LEGAL to remove them. Indeed, removing them is quite lawful and is required by law

The Fiji Court of Appeal ruling outlining the steps to be taken leading to the restoration of democracy could then be followed. Those helping to remove the regime would certainly be given very favourable consideration for their involvement in the restoration of true civilian rule to Fiji, and they will have a greater chance of avoiding the penalties of death or life imprisonment currently hanging over them. 

I call upon each and everyone of you officers to make the right decision, for yourselves, your families and for our beloved Fiji, and take the appropriate steps for the removal of the current illegal Bainimarama junta and their supporters and revert Fiji to the Court of Appeal ruling of 2009.

May God save our beloved Fiji. 

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara

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