Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fiji Dictator Bainimarama Sick In Bed

Bainimarama - Sick Dictator
Reports from Fiji indicate that Dictator Bainimarama has been sick in bed for the last few days!

The dictator and unelected leader has not been seen in public lately since his return from an overseas trip.

Of course news media, especially government ministry spokespeople, will not dare reveal such a news. It is clear the dictator is slowly being ground under by the pressures of running an illegal regime with the added threat of losing power once Fijians freely choose who to lead them. 

Indeed Bainimarama must be dreading where all this constitution-making process now underway will lead if he relinquishes control to the Ghai Commission. He is probably too dumb to realise that once unleashed, he will have no control of  what the Commission will produce. That is why he is constantly reminding Ghai and his team of his distaste of the once revered 1997 Constitution in a sideline attempt to determine the outcome of it all. Hopefully Ghai will not stand for any interference from the dictator and will have no hesitation of packing up and leaving at the slightest hint of interference.

But not to be outdone, his sidekick and bomb maker, Khaiyum, is overseeing the whole process including the registration of voters in the company of a military stooge just to be sure there is still a way of rigging matters. Again they are now exposed to the involvement of outsiders recruited to be part of the process. The illegal regime will be exposed if they dare influence matters to their advantage. But of course cornered rats have a habit of hitting out just to stay alive. 

In truth, the illegal regime still has control and influence over what transpires out of what is now underway. And given its record of broken promises, fuelled with utter contempt for reason and disregard for the interest of others, it will not be a surprise if they do something totally out of expectation such as pulling out of planned elections and prolonging its illegal rule past 2014.
Paul Manueli - Bainimarama supporter

Bainimarama will meet the same fate as those who have supported him such as Paul Manueli, now bedridden and in ill health. While he has the opportunity, he can still safeguard his legacy by ignoring Khaiyum's soiled advice for once and return Fiji to democratic rule by implementing the 2009 Appeals Court ruling.

All this pretense of seeking to legitimise and legalise his rule with a new constitution will NOT suffice for him to escape a charge of treason. He can run as much as his ill health will enable him BUT he cannot hide from the inglorious fate that awaits him ultimately.
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