Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fiji Dictator's Illegal Rule & Ongoing Natural Disasters Speaks Truth to Prophesy

People in Fiji are now recovering from another bout of natural disaster that has become a regular event instead of being far in between. As well, it is even more puzzling that it is the dry western side of Fiji's mainland that has been bearing the brunt.

In seeking answers, people of faith, among others, are now asking if all these are the wrath of the Almighty at the way Fiji is being led and ruled? Some have even pointed to and recalled the prophesy by Pastor Steve Penny back in 1997 on what was to come for Fiji then. Below is a previous post of that prophesy. It does seem uncanny!

We know Dictator Bainimarama is a man of sedition and his misrule over the people of Fiji has only resulted in untold suffering, economic regression and missed opportunities for a country blessed with talent, resources and goodwill. All that Bainimarama and his illegal regime have achieved is the total reverse of all that had previously been achieved plus much more in the way of promoting nepotism, corruption and hatred.

The answer we all know is for Dictator Bainimarama to allow the people of Fiji to be governed by those they freely choose at the ballot box. Pure and simple! His rule we all know will not last and that fact is what sustains the vast majority of Fiji and its peoples.

''One will be that a man of sedition, a man of scheming will rise up in your political arena and he will come quickly into prominence. Before you know it, he’ll have a position of influence in the nation, but he’ll be a man of sedition and he will bring conflicts.'' Prophesy by Steve Penny, 1997


Fiji towns under water
“This nation shall experience a cloud of the glory of God, the anointing coming down upon this nation like a thick cloud filled with rain, filled with great potential and it will come down and it will blanket all of the islands like a cloud and it won’t come and just wash across and go, but it will settle and it will continue to fall…the rain of God’s presence will fall on this nation in a powerful way. And the reviving of the Spirit…literally within five years, this nation will be awash with a great Revival. One side to another, this nation will literally be under the blanket of a move of the Spirit of God like you’ve never seen before. Just about every denomination will be touched…only those that are very, very resistant will hold out against it, but whole denominations will be swept into this move of the Spirit. There’ll be unprecedented unity amongst the church together in Fiji. There will literally be a wonder to people of other nations. You will have many people visit your islands, not because of the beauty, not to be a tourist, but because of the presence of God resting on the islands. It won’t be one little spot here or there, but it will be like a blanket that sits over the nation and the Spirit of God will move back and forwards. Sometimes, it’ll be so intense in another island and another city and then it’ll move and come and sweep here and then it’s like it’ll move around and the Spirit of God will literally be like waves across the island back and forth around the island, but together you’ll be under the blanket of God’s favour and blessing.
Dictator Bainimarama
But a number of things will happen during that time. One will be that a man of sedition, a man of scheming will rise up in your political arena and he will come quickly into prominence. Before you know it, he’ll have a position of influence in the nation, but he’ll be a man of sedition and he will bring conflicts. There will be a time when you have civil unrest on your streets and there won’t be a massive across the nation, but there will be civil unrest in areas of this nation and there will be even some bloodshed. This man will rise very quickly, but because of the anointing of the Spirit blanketing the island and the church being in revival, the church will rise up and call and sound an alarm. 

Dictator Bainimarama & his Illegal Mob
When they see this happen, this man who begins to cause unrest in the streets, the church will literally flock together in huge prayer concerts, great prayer gatherings and will break the power of that thing. Where in the natural, the papers will be predicting doom and gloom, they will break the power of that thing and bring it to nought and the revival will continue on. In fact, because of that, many people will turn to the Lord in that hour, will come to the Lord…great move of the Spirit. You’ll know these things are happening because both in the natural, God will show you things and in the Spirit, you’ll be able to recognise them. 

Within maybe 2-3 years, just in the next few years, one of your sporting teams, I don’t know which one, but one of your sporting teams will gain great prominence. They will win a great event beyond what they were expected to win and they’ll come back to Fiji and there’ll be great celebrations and they’ll be national heroes. You, the church, watch! When that happens, God’s telling you that as a sign, because at the same time as that happens and I saw this vision of the nation celebrating this great victory and it was almost like in the middle of their celebrations, something happened in the nation and the joy turned to mourning. The Lord didn’t show me what that was, but it’s like there was a disaster or something happened and the laughter just stopped in mid-sentence and they began to mourn. But out of that turn-around, there would be rising, it’s like there would rise up a cry unto God from the nation. Even those outside the church will cry. They will be praying together in public,”God, help us!” Out of that will come a great release even again, of people being led to the Lord, finding the Lord. There’s a tremendous awakening starting to happen amongst the people of this nation, out of religion, out of Hinduism, out of culture, an awakening concerning the things of the Spirit of God. You watch that continue in the next few years in this nation.