Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fiji Needs a Legislation like the Proposed Qoliqoli Bill - Qarase

 Sai's Comment:
  • Fijians will not rest until their birthright - ownership of fisheries and foreshore are  returned to them by the State. This is one of the unfinished businesses flowing from the 1874 Deed of Cession. After all, ownership of Fijian lands have been returned.
  • All that now remains are the fisheries and foreshores.
  • This has nothing whatsoever to do with race in Fiji.
  • The state does not own these resources but the original inhabitants of Fiji - indigenous Fijians.
  • NZ Government has chosen for the State to retain ownership instead of the indigenous Maori, which is what they dearly want. Maori have instead been given right of use and access with other NZers.
  • The State is no longer the friend of Fijians as was previously promoted to be the case since colonial times.
  • Fijians must now regard it as an entity with which they must engage to secure their rights and well being. Just like other races who now call Fiji their home.
  • That is why the return of Fijian assets and resources up to now held, whether by hook or crook, by the State is a priority for Fijians.
  • The Qoliqoli Bill is one such attempt to return what rightfully belongs to Fijians - No more no less.

 Fiji Village News

Laisenia Qarase
Former Prime Minister and SDL Leader Laisenia Qarase believes that Fiji needs a legislation like the proposed Qoliqoli Bill.

As preparations commence for constitution consultations and elections in 2014, Fijivillage questioned Qarase about the Qoliqoli Bill which was part of the demands by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama prior to the 2006 takeover.

We asked Qarase if the SDL party would try to bring back the proposed legislation if they do win in the next elections.

The main purpose of the Qoliqoli Bill was the transfer of the proprietary ownership of qoliqoli areas from the state to the qoliqoli owners.

Qarase said the proposed legislation had nothing to do with race.

He said people may have misunderstood the government’s intentions at the time.

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