Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 New Regime Lackeys Summoned to Join Dictatorship Cabinet

 by Sai Lealea

Naipoto (left) and Usamate newest unelected Ministers in Fiji Dictatorship
Read below news report on the 2 new additions to the Dictator Bainimarama's illegal regime as new cabinet ministers. It is another episode in the illegal  regime's revolving door policy for membership of its ruling clique.

The two are both from the Lau province and presently serving as public servants. Both take up portfolios resulting from the carve up of responsibilities for another Lau cabinet Minister, Filipe Bole. One a former navy commander, Viliame Naupoto, continuing the nepotism by the Dictator in populating the public service with unqualified military officers following the 2006 coup. It is a disgusting trend all designed to prop up the Dictator in his quest to retain power in Fiji for years to come. Only in Fiji that you have unqualified military staff replacing trained and far better qualified public servants.

The other, Jone Usamate, a student colleague at USP, was a training agency head and long time public servant. It is disturbingly puzzling why Usamate has decided to join an illegal administration while a public servant. What inducements has been offered to him? Has he jumped ship because he reckons his personal interests would be better served under a discredited and illegal regime hated and despised by Fijians, especially native Fijians and professionals. Is the lure of personal glory, a security retinue and other baubles of power too much for Usamate to turn down? Does it not matter to him that he has basically joined the inner circles of a loathed regime responsible for human rights abuse, torture and murder? As a long serving public servant, does Usamate care that his salary as Minister will be paid by an external firm in the attempt by Dictator Bainimaram to subvert public finance rules? 

Well only he can answer these and many other questions following his ill considered, naive and selfish decision to climb aboard an authoritarian and illegal regime.

I for one am deeply disappointed for Usamate as it shows to us who know him, his abysmal lack of moral and ethical integrity. He will now be branded for life as a Bainimarama lackey, stooge and sycophant destined to be subjected to travel bans and other sanctions and restrictions which are the deserved price for accepting such a tainted appointment. His name and those of his family will now grace the black list kept by peace loving and democratic governments opposed to the Bainimarama regime. I can only hope Usamate and his family are ready to be treated as diplomatic lepers and be ostracised in the manner reserved only for those tainted by the bloody hands of his Dictator leader.

Finally I say to Usamate, remember you are NOT working to a sane or rational leader you may be used to! So be prepared to be frustrated and humiliated as you will be expected to tow the Dictator's line and his unprincipled approach to running a nation. It is well known that Bainimarama treats people and his ministers, just like the nation, as his personal property to command and dispose off. Just survey the long casualty list of dropouts from his sick and ailing cabinet. 

Usamate would do well to start practising his  frequent "Yes sir" acknowledgements and praise for his leader Bainimarama if he wants to last  in the job. Otherwise he will soon find himself in the dust bin of rejects and despised former ministers of the Bainimarama regime. You have made your decision and trust you will bear the consequences for yourself, your family and those you once may have regarded as friends and colleagues.

Fiji Village News

 Two new unelected ministers sworn in by President

Two new cabinet ministers have been appointed by Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Former Navy Commander, former Immigration Director and Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Forests, Commander Viliame Naupoto is now the Minister for Youth and Sports and former Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji CEO, Jone Usumate is the Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment.

The government said the creation of a separate Ministry for Youth and Sports with its own cabinet minister is necessary in light of Fiji’s growing youth population.

The ministry will also assist the government in preparing our young people who will be eligible to vote in the 2014 general election and by ensuring that they understand their rights to vote and the importance of their votes in electing a new government.

The government said it also recognizes the contribution of sports to the overall development of the country.

The government said the creation of a new and separate cabinet minister for the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment is indicative of government commitment to labour related issues in the country.

The two new ministers start their duties today after they were sworn-in by the President earlier today.


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Anonymous said...

i for one m very proud of usumate for being so courages to take up an opportunity disregarded by many.... during this difficult times i would call him a Real Man because becoming a man is not measured by age but by responsibility. therefore he is one of the many that holds his country dear to his heart and not like all traitors that forsake their country and bark like Indian dogs from the other part of the world....

Kai Colo said...

@ Anonymous
Usamate, like the rest of the illegal cabinet, have no moral or ethical integrity. They all know they're part of an illegitimate group put in place by an alcoholic dictator who has terrorised the people of Fiji and deprived them of their dignity as human beings.

Joining the illegal cabinet has nothing whatsoever to do with helping the country but all to do with satisfying personal interests and inflated ego. One day they will all come to realise that upholding personal integrity and moral values of human decency is the mark of being a Real Man...

And better watch your language as use of labels such as Indian dogs etc.. is anathema to Baini and Khaiyum in their new found "non racial" Fiji nonsense...

Anonymous said...

@Sai Lealea..if you really do know Jone Usamate like your claim to then why do you do post your opinions on the internet. Why cant you state your opinions to him personally? Whats the point of this blog if your message will not reach the person that you are bitching about? If you're so concerned about the nation, hows'about you grow some balls and bring yourself to Fiji and do something about it? Atleast he's trying to play his part in this government. Dont criticise someone who might bring about change for the goog. Eventhough he's part of an illegal regime, doesnt mean he's all for Bainimarama! He's trying to assist the country in areas in which full-of-shit people like you will never have the guts to!!

Kai Colo said...

@ Anonynous,

You obviously have no balls mouthing off on Sai Lealea without the guts to reveal your identity. Illegality is being promoted by the Bainimarama regime and Usamate, like others, are now upholding it by siding with the Dictator.

Those with senses and some modicum of integrity, have all left the regime of the Dictator Bainimarama. By joining the illegal cabinet, Usamate reveals more of who and what he really is made of - loose moral and lacking integrity.

You have a real twisted logic by your admission that joining an illegal regime might still result in some good! You must be the one full of shit not Sai.

All that Sai is revealing is the bare truth. Being mired in illegality often blocks people like you from seeing beyond the tip of your nose. You also don't have to join the illegal regime to be doing something good for your country Fiji. In fact the opposite is probably true given the lousy track record of the illegal regime.

At least Sai is not hiding behind the skirt of anonymity like you Anonymous! So skirt up and show what you're really made of or are you another Bainimarama clone and cheerleader? Sa rauta mada!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not i reveal my identity is beside the point...You're using KaiColo and that doesnt say much about who you are! All im saying is if someone has a problem with someone they know, why not email that person or say something on facebook..these blogs are just pointless..

And its been 5 years...suck it up buttercup..we all have !

Anonymous said...

Whether or not i reveal my identity is beside the point...You're using KaiColo and that doesnt say much about who you are! All im saying is if someone has a problem with someone they know, why not email that person or say something on facebook..these blogs are just pointless..

And its been 5 years...suck it up buttercup..we all have !

Kua Mada said...

@ Anonymous,

Cava sara mada e nomu ena ka e via vola o Sai? Whether he emails/facebook his views is up to him, nothing to do with you. Like the Dictator Bainimarama, you have a controlling attitude and approach, wanting to dictate your ways on how other people run their lives. Sa rauta mada na vamumuri mataboko gonei!

If you want, get your own Blog and then dictate to others what you want others to do and say...

Kua Mada.