Monday, January 16, 2012

Stop the Brutality Dictator Bainimarama 'Cause Repression is a Dead End

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon warned Syrian Dictator, Bashar al Assad to stop killing his own people. He added:

"The winds of change will not cease to blow and repression is a dead end"

For all intent and purpose, the warning undoubtedly apply equally and most appropriately to Fiji Dictator Bainimarama. 

  • Because he is guilty of the same type of brutality and repression as Assad. Bainimarama is widely known to be behind the brutal treatment of innocent civilians at the hands of his torture mob dragged up to the military camp in Nabua. He is guilty of the murders of CRW soldiers during the 2000 Coup as he gave the orders after his escape down the cassava patch following the mutiny.

  • His illegal regime has ruled by illegal decrees that have repressed citizens and deprived them of their human rights and freedom. The recent lifting of the hated PER was all a sham as an equally draconian Public Order Decree has been put in its place. The Military and Police are basically being given powers to kill citizens who oppose its rule. Simple acts of organising marches and meetings require permits and if not closely followed, can easily be labelled terrorism affording lengthy prison terms.
Underlying all this is the innate cowardice that the Dictator Bainimarama has come to be well regarded for. He just can't face the people of Fiji to obtain the mandate to rule over them legally. Hence he has to terrorise them with decrees and regulations that can't be challenged in a court of justice. His promise of elections in 2014 will mostly likely be a sham as the only way he can win it is to cheat. And he has been practising this craft dilligently since he illegally seized power in 2006.

His inability to even win a text-in competition for Personality of the Year is a case in point. After being behind by 600 votes  going into the last day, his equally corrupt and fraudulent staff had to text in 800 votes to overtake the rightful winner and only after being told the margin they need to make up by the boss of the mobile phone company (Vodafone) sponsoring the competition. That is how toxic and widespread the level of corrupt behaviour that now permeates the illegal regime. But of course all this is dry run for the proposed electronic voting for the 2014 elections as it will be easier to cheat with it and after all the practice.

We all know that the Dictator will run for PM come 2014. He has now populated the civil service with his stooges from the military and with his sycophant pool of supporters ready to start campaigning for him from within. His trips to the provinces will only escalate in order to dish out more bribes for Fijian votes as his sidekick, the illegal Attorney General, can't generate enough Indian votes to ensure victory. That is why the Dictator will be taking the lead in negotiating with the Namosi landowners of the mining of their ancestral land. It will be interesting to see if he ends up threatening the landowners to agree to the mining deal given the cut he and the illegal AG are down to take from it as has been well reported. The corruption in the regime knows no end. That is why they will never allow full disclosure of government finances as everyone has been calling for.

But as Ban Ki-Moon says "The winds of change will not cease..." Eventually all dictators fail because the basis of their rule lacks integrity, moral suasion and popular mandate. The sooner Dictator Bainimarama understands this, or when Qorvis and Khaiyum tells him, the better it will be for him and all his stooges. 
Otherwise his eventual demise will be in the same or worse manner than those of recent dictators now calling at the winds following their brutal and undignified ending.

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