Saturday, January 28, 2012

SDL Party Ex-General Secretary Cuddles up to Fiji Dictator

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Qarase’s SDL party ex-General Secretary warms up to dictator Frank Bainimarama

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One of ousted Prime Minister Qarase’s right hand man, Jale Baba, has jumped ship and is now acting as another mouth-piece to Frank and Co.

Jale Baba was SDL party’s controversial General Secretary whom sources say embezzeled large sums of money while he was in office.

Dictator Bainimarama
Sources say he was also well known for his womanising and ended up impregnating a young lady who worked for him as a volunteer in the SDL office.

Information sent to RFN say Jale Baba was also involved with Peter Foster, a well-known con-man who was initially used by Frank & Co. to infiltrate the SDL party.

Peter Foster later released video recordings from a hidden camera he set up while having private discussions with Jale Baba and another SDL advisor, Navi Naisoro, at a hotel room in Suva.

Sources say Jale Baba received money and other perks from Peter Foster for passing on SDL information.

Team Frank used that video recording to nail Jale Baba, Navitalai Naisoro and the SDL party accusing them of rigging the 2006 election.

Sources say that Frank & Co. returned Peter Foster’s favor by “accidently” releasing him from his house-arrest in Denarau.

Foster reappeared in Vanuatu after he was ferried there by a yachty only to be recaptured by the Australian Police, wanted in Australia for some other sophisticated con jobs he did which has resulted in his jailing.

As for Jale Baba, these sources say he seem to be following Peter’s footsteps and is now a declared bankrupt for his corrupt practices and conning.

It is understood that Jale Baba is now lending his support to team Frank by propagating alongside Sharon Smith Jones in his spare time.

Jale Baba remains unemployed and is believed to be squatting in a settlement.
Will team Frank give this SDL con-man a full-time job?

He might – to reveal all the SDL crap he was party to!

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