Friday, January 13, 2012

Obscene Desire to be Popular by Fiji's Dictator

Read below a post on Coup 4.5 on the level of paranoia by Fiji's Dictator Bainimarama in wanting to be loved by the people of Fiji in a popularity-type contest. It is another sure sign of the perverted mentality in the illegal Fiji regime. However it is in fact consistent with the mindset of tyrants and dictators who often have this insatiable desire of wanting to be loved by the people. That is why they will go to any length to dream up schemes that will attempt to fraudulently venerate the dictator in the eyes of the people.

But what they will NOT DO IS SUBJECT THEIR ILLEGAL RULE to a free and fair election or referendum because they know it is too risky and they will NOT WIN. That is how Dictators and Cowards think and operate. And Bainimarama and Khaiyum are two people in Fiji who well deserve those labels.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five

Investigations into why Bainimarama wasn't named Personality of the Year

The illegal prime minister and dictator, Frank Bainimarama, is ticked off he wasn't named Personality of the Year and two investigations have been ordered into how the poll was conducted.

The search for the right titleholder got underway late last year by Fiji TV and people were asked to text in (via Vodafone), who they thought should be Fiji's Personality of the Year.

Fiji TV declared on New Year's Day that Premila Kumar, the chief executive officer of Consumer Council, had won the most votes.

But it has now emerged that another announcement eight days later (January 9) named coup instigator Franky Bainimarama the rightful winner.

His sidekick Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has held a press conference to say that it wasn't about the winner, but the way the poll was conducted - and the fact it closed December the 30th instead of the 31st.

Khaiyum has asked the Commerce Commission and Media Development Authority to investigate.

The Bainimarama appointed illegal attorney also says he has a statement from Vodafone which details discussions between Fiji TV’s Satish Narain, and a Vodafone staff.

He says according to the Vodafone letter, Fiji TV failed to count the 1500 texts sent in on December the 31st - texts which
put Bainimarama in the lead and ahead of Premila Kumar.

Khaiyum would have us believe that the unsolicited texts that came in on the last day were genuine. Only in Fiji would they expect us to believe such a lie.

Sample Comment on Coup 4.5:

OMG! Are they going to stoop this low?

What does Khaiyum think will be the outcome of this kind of puppeteering? Will the result that Frank is the more popular change what is on the ground in Fiji?

This has just proved beyond doubt that Frank and Khaiyum are very paranoid about the popularity of their dictatorship!

To the extent that they are willing to dial in 1500 texts to make sure that Frank wins this public popularity "game"!

I would like to inform Khaiyum and Frank that the only way of convincing the people and the foreign govts is to conduct a public referendum to gauge whether the people support them or not.

I challenge you Khaiyum to conduct this survey. You will find out without much surprise that you two are the most hated in Fiji!

Drau lai veitauri!

OMG what is happening to Fiji?

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