Monday, January 02, 2012

The Manipulative & Corrupt Intentions of the Illegal Bainimarama Regime

 Just as we have all suspected all along!

Read below a post on Coup 4.5 on the evil and manipulative intentions of the illegal Bainimarama regime to:
  • BRIBE the people of Fiji with all the Chinese funded development projects;
  • Appoint all his sycophants and supporters to key government posts before 2014;
  • Dump the current President and get the Dictator himself as President; 
  • Corruptly use government agencies to promote the dictator and his party in the lead up to elections; and
  • Many, many more manipulative and corrupt and fraudulent acts to keep the Dictator in power for a long time.
Look at how much people loath and detest him as leader, especially among Fijians and even within the military! 
Bainimarama knows the ONLY WAY he can win the elections is to  fix and manipulate the system and the results in his favour. That is precisely why he is embarking on the plan as set out below, starting with lifting of the PER. BUT it will all fail as the lies will catch him out eventually!

Working paper maps out plan to lift PER and 'road to political freedom'

We publish today intelligence information that was sent us earlier this month about the plan to remove the Public Emergency Regulations and a strategy of 'where to here from here' according to the powers-that-be. The working paper came straight off a RFMF computer and shows the absolute manipulative nature - and methods - of the illegal regime.

Re-claiming our National Conscience through the removal of PER
The inside circle of the Strategic Head Quarters based at Berkeley Crescent of the Military council have been working day and night to position a National Security Working paper to be presented to the Commander and Commander in chief regarding the laying of a building frame work to promote a people-centered peace building pillar for the future and preparing Fiji to the national polls in 2014. The committee composed of four senior officers had mapped out the high priority exit strategy of the Commander and how to intelligently maneuver, using a  political road well-constructed to map out and formulate a new government under the people power voting processes , using a fair electoral system  that does not entertain fraud and vote rigging.

Removal of PER (Public Emergency Regulation) Timeline: January 2012 this must be allowed to enter the public arena as a dawn of the new era a New Year message for the PM.
· The budget 2012 has provided a platform to secure people confidence in them by increasing nurses, doctors, police pay and the working  general public free income tax thresh whole tax deduction of $15,600.
· This incentive will boost people support on the current government and many will quickly make their decision when they see what they take home is better than the past years.
· Bonus payout is another very lucrative people factor that can consolidate a total make over to further government support.
· Workers in the Public Enterprises Departments and statutory organizations headed by AG need to have a bonus payout.
· This departments and organizations include: TFL,AFL,Ports Fiji,Fiji Hardwood, Fiji Pine, FEA,Post Fiji,PAFCO, Food Processes Fiji, Rewa Dairy, Airpacific, FDB,NLTB,HA ,LTA etc.
·    FNPF pension payout, increasing social welfare net, free text books, free bus fare, free medical care and improving quality of life is a strong people centered product when used will mean more support for the government.


·    Our nation is built on the spirit, mind and soul of the people. They have feelings and desires. They are innocent listeners and very easy to sway when they are able to fulfill the three basic needs of their lives, food, water and shelter.
·    The government is now able to secure the people support by providing the best take home pay never happened in the last 10 years during SDL government.
·    The people are now experiencing the real government development in terms of road construction, telecommunication, electricity, water supply and opening of overseas markets for our local produce never happened during SDL and FLP time.
·    Landowners are getting royalties on mineral resources development with huge payout this never happened in the past 10 years of SDL and FLP leadership.
·    To prepare the people to go to the polls in 2014 you must portray the people as you leading your own family.
·    In the family, communication is a vital component where the members are given the freedom to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and proposals.
·    It is a two way communication. No one dominates without following the family protocol.
·    For FIJI since the installation of PER from Dec 6th, 2006 till Dec 2011 the people were forced to distant themselves from being vocal.
·    Meetings were sanctioned and monitored.
·    We see PER as a deterrent by government to allow people to stop from commenting against government policies.
·    The government is moving in the right Direction if it removes PER next year.


·    PM poll rating must be the first initiative to be conducted where the entire media outlet must be given the freedom to roll out the lifting of the PER.
·    The people must be allowed speak freely to express their feelings their attitudes and their emotions on issues to be orchestrated by a selected media think tank group appointed by government and the private sector.
·    Building people’s confidence comes when the environment of trust and honesty is formulated under the climate of faith where the people are free to express themselves.
·    PER is a bad master but a good servant to the elite club members because it makes certain people rich over night.
·    PER is ruining the heart and soul of the current leadership  of the PM and his cabinet and if it continues to stay in the next two years the whole government roots will  decay and rot, meaning the good efforts of the government cannot be remembered because very less people are talking about and making positive comments about the progress.
·    PER is a killer of democracy when people speak you will be able to gauge the depth of support on your government policies.
·    PER removal must be allowed the full 2 years to develop where the government must put in place a proactive working strategy “A Media Strategic Taskforce” to monitor the running overflow of comments on all media, websites and blogs.


·    The MST task force must include: 10 members. This includes the following a lawyer, an economist, a businessman, a community leader, a politician, a women representative, a youth representative, a religious representative.
·    The taskforce must compile a full media campaign brochure, in video, in DVD, on website, and in audio that spells out in very simple vernacular language all government developments aimed at improving quality of life for the people.
·    Security issues ought to be tackled in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill.
·    The current Fiji Police CP is to be sidelined and be replaced by a strong leader who commands the respect of the force and the people.
·    The newly appointed CP must be visionary and politically active who can strategize for the upkeep of national security.
·    PM should not forget the men behind the 2006 coup planning and plot.
·    They are the brains behind the most talk about coup in the history of all coups in the world.
·    These are the selected honest and trusted officers who spent tireless nights planning the takeover despite opposition.
·    These people are Esala Teleni,Tevita Mara,Pita Driti,Lynman to name a few .
·    The PM must recall Teleni from his ambassador post in China to come to head the Defense Ministry/police where he is to be given the task to head national security work out a plan to plot and redraw the road map of Fiji’s Political Freedom and allow his working security strategy to place PM on a solid ground of winning the election.


·    The inside circle of advisers that includes Dixon Seeto,Mrs Seeto,Ganesh Chand,Dr Mahendra Reddy,Shista Shameem, Aslaam Khan,Iqbal Khan, Zarin Ali,BDO Alis to name a few are to be removed asap.
·    Their strategy is to manipulate the national budget, economic, social and indigenous policies by putting a corporate corrupt musk through a very high cost organized seminars, symposiums and workshops through Employer Federation body headed by BDO Ali and the Fiji Hotel Association headed by Seeto and AG chambers.
·    These advisers get overseas corrupt speakers fly by night consultants to give advice on topics where our local consultants are well versed about.
·    These speakers are billeted in high cost hotels and with very huge consultancy fees.
·    The voter registration and the composition of the constitution commission and electoral commission will follow the same road where expression of interest will be placed on our local papers this will be the order of the day.
·    This method will need to be stopped and the PM must be advised this people are digging his grave so he can be buried in it for his definite demise.


·    PM sits at the top post with the help of Fijians who put him there not Indians or his advisers.
·    As for now the PM with the help of Aiyaz Khaiyum AG and his advisers are removing all the vital strong hold of Fijians.
·    AG and all his Muslim advisers are taking away all the good well educated Fijians from posts of CEO and giving it to Shrlankans, Pakistanis, Indians, and Australians at high exorbitant pay.
·    Their land, their resources, their chiefs, their investment company FHL, their CEO positions, NLTB, their religion.
·    The Fijians are big in numbers they consist of 62% Indians 28% others 10% voters. Fijians will determine the next government not Indians or others.
·    The PM Bainimarama will come back to power on Fijian votes not on Indian votes or others that is the fact.


·    The team headed by Teleni must identify a roll back plan that is able to identify a provincial council working representation with a mix of well educated Fijians in various provinces as think tank.
·    They report & strategize, innovate and implement development plans on all available fronts,agriculture,business,education,health,marketing,leadership,housing,land etc
·    The current provincial set up must be reviewed and reformed where it is to used as a government promotion centre of development where the 14 pieces of economic pie is to be activated to get the full attention of the people in the province.
·    The government must concentrate in shaping up the provinces with developments.
·    Housing projects is a very important development government must use the rural housing scheme to spread housing like wild fire in 3 phases of building throughout the provinces.
·    This project can be a good source of employment for the people in the village.


·    All AG followers’ lawyers, consultants and ex-judges must not be allowed to come close to this make up.
·    Expression of Interest for membership must be terminated and stopped immediately by the PM.
·    This method is criminal conspiracy where corporate techniques are used to sabotage fair and just selection of unique qualified personnel’s.
·    The team to who we can rely on to secure the drafting of this important document must come through our request to the Commonwealth and the United Nations.
·    The draft must incorporate elements of  the 1997 constitution and the revised peoples charter action plan
·    Government Systems and solutions are all created and tailor made in 1997 constitution and the only change to come is by way of the peoples charter revised action plan.
·    The constitution can be completed in 12 months and endorsed by way of a Decree through the President’s office with the election processes to be tested through a referendum by the people.
·    The legality and its legitimacy can be tested once the new government comes into power under the new Peoples charter constitution using the international models of setting up a Truth and Reconciliation commission similar to South Africa.

·    The electronic voting machine is a ridiculous situation
·    We need a simple ballot voting system, one man one vote where the count is made easy and simple with proper voter reconciliation software designed by ITC.
·    To rely on electronic voting is unpredictable because the software can be manipulated.
·    Fiji population is small and other countries in the Pacific region are going through a simple clean system of ballot voting.
·    Fiji population is not 1 million yet and we cannot use a system of voting that will bring confusion and chaos.

·    The electoral boundary commission must include experienced statiscians, surveyors, and academic professionals, Geographers with assistance of the support ministries including Lands, NLTB and Mineral, FAB etc.
·    PM must relocate the function of these commissions to his new selected group headed by Teleni the group will match the plots and make significant reports on how to strategize the number based on distribution.
·    The plotting of boundary must reflect racial composition and the way it is now the number of Fijians are more and they are everywhere.


·    The PM must form a new party with a new party manifesto now with an intelligent working task force team who he is able to place his trust on.
·    Use the people charter pillars to draw up the manifestos for the future party.
·    Identify a national name that will blend well with the theme for the new Fiji.
·    The PM must start recruiting his election office bearers and his candidates who will start the ball rolling in building the corner stone for his election.
·    The PM must decide when to restructure the cabinet where he has to resign as a commander appoint a new replacement who he trusts and make way for 2014 election.
·    President’s term expires in January 2012 a good move is to appoint himself to the post and be commander in chief and appoints one of his loyalist in the army as interim PM.
·    The appointed PM will do all planning and running around making way for his election preparation in 2014.


·    According to our analysis 60% of civil servants do not support PM, 24% support and 16% sitting on the fence.
·    In the police 41% support 38% no support 21% on the fence.
·    Military 48% support, 35% no support 17% on the fence.
·    Province 42% support 38% no support 20% on the fence
·    Indians 56% support,37% no support 7 % on the fence
·    Fijians 45% support, 51% no support 4 % on the fence

·    PM must immediately recruit his high priority think tank team who will carve the way forward.
·    PM must review his inside circle advisers and make an effort to distant himself from any further business dealings.
·    PM must allow the lifting of the PER next year after he has placed all his loyalist  and supporters in key strategic areas.
·    All Board chairman’s and members must be monitored and replaced and new appointments made from people who will be his political drivers in the upcoming campaign.
·    PM must make new CEO appointments and PS asap in 2012 these must be his strategy to buy confidence they must be all his close associates who can tailor make the organization to absorb political pressure and maneuver strengths.
·    All female PS must be relieved of their duty they are not good political animal they can sink the ship when pressure mounts up suddenly.
·    Get all provincial council chiefs on a one week workshop where the key focuss is development and placing a selected working team to frequent the efforts government has placed.
·    Allow this dictum strategy to roll out in 2012 and let it grow for two years the people will fall in ultimately.

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