Monday, January 16, 2012

Govt Officials in Namosi to Discuss Mine Issues

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Dictator Bainimarama - Fiji's Illegal PM
Senior officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Lands Ministry are currently in Namosi after some issues arose in relation to the proposed mining site in Namosi.

Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has already stated that he will personally take over negotiations over the proposed multi-billion copper and gold mine.

Commodore Bainimarama said this is because some people seek to politicise the project for their own benefits by spreading misinformation.

Secretary of the newly formed Namosi Tikina Landowners Committee, Sipiriano Nariva said they want to have discussions in relation to their concerns about loss of their waterways and forest.

They say at least two clans who are members of the committee have also blocked Namosi Joint Venture workers from entering their land for exploration works.

They say they want compensation claims to be sorted out first before works continue.

One of the areas is Wainavadua, a valley where Namosi Joint Venture is proposing to build its tailing dam.

It was earlier stated that public consultations as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed copper and gold mine in Namosi and Naitasiri provinces will continue at the end of this month.

Namosi Joint Venture said the purpose of the next round of consultation sessions is to provide information about the proposed mine and seek feedback from villagers and other stakeholders.

The environmental assessment also includes a range of studies of flora and fauna, river systems and aquatic life, assessing potential noise and dust, traffic, social and cultural studies including current community health and cultural heritage.

The data collected will be assessed to determine the impacts and how these can be mitigated.

The Fijian government will then determine if a mine can proceed and under what conditions.

The Namosi Joint Venture or NJV will then decide whether to build and operate a mine.

NJV includes Newcrest Fiji Limited, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and Nittetsu Mining Company Limited.

Newcrest is the operator and manager of NJV.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

NGO hits out at mining company
Monday, January 16, 2012

A non governmental organisation - Social Empowerment Education Programme (SEEP) has accused mining company Namosi Joint Venture of mis-informing native landowners.

SEEP official Leo Nainoka told FBC News that NJV has mislead locals about the location of its waste storage as shown in the company brochure.

Nainoka says they found this out while walking from Delailasakau village with landowners.
He claims he had raised the issue with the company and NJV has admitted they were in the wrong.

"In one of the meetings, they mentioned that there were computer errors and all those sort of things. It's already been told to us by them. Those were their words not ours but we wanted to check it out ourselves - thats why we did the walk and it's only 10 minutes, but maybe they've come up with a new plan."

SEEP has also called on NJV to respect the Mining Act.

"There are already breaches. The landowners right now at this point in time as i speak they're asking for compensation for certain damages in Waisoi, so isn't that a breach?"

Meanwhile NJV says the claims made by SEEP that the company's been misinforming native landowners is not true, and that the information in their brochure is correct.

The company says they are communicating current project information directly to the villagers and other stakeholders through the ongoing EIA process.

Director Mineral Resources Malakai Finau says he will make a comment soon.

Meantime, Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, says he will personally oversee talks and negotiations about the Namosi project.

Report by : Apisalome Coka

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