Friday, January 06, 2012

Fiji Dictator Justifies PER with His Illegal and Enforced Reforms

 by Sai Lealea

Read below Dictator Bainimarama's pathetic defence of his illegal, brutal and repressive Public Emergency Regulation (PER) now destined to be lifted tomorrow. To a murderer like Bainimarama, the fact innocent people were killed and brutalised by his military goons matters little, compared to the illegal reforms he has been able to force on the people of Fiji. That is the measure of the man and how much value he places on human dignity and life. For him to now portray himself as a saviour for restoring the rights and freedom back to the people of Fiji, speaks volume of his corrupt and twisted mentality.

Those of us who have been blogging about his illegal regime since 2006, know only too well this is all part of a deceitful and manipulative plan to bribe the people of Fiji to get him fraudulently elected as PM ultimately. The revelation in the military paper recently of such a plan bears evidence to this. That is what Bainimarama is following closely and his exit strategy to legalise his illegal and corrupt rule. It is now up to the people of Fiji to vote with their feet and toss him and his corrupt mates out into the political wilderness and right into Naboro prison to serve out their remaining years. That is what they all deserve for depriving Fiji and its people half a decade of peace, harmony and prosperity of their own choosing as mandated in a properly run election. Bainimarama and his supporters just did not happen to like the result of that election because it did not suit their political and greedy agenda.

Fiji just cannot afford to allow Bainimarama and his savage and brutal lot to gain a foothold in the political landscape in Fiji. Bainimarama has shown to the world he can't be trusted and with hands bloodied with the lives of many through his orders carried out by his military goons led by Ben Naliva and others. Only when he fully accounts for his crimes in a legally constituted court of law can he be allowed to ever stand for public office in Fiji. The same must apply to his supporters tainted with the same charge.

Fiji Live News

PER helped govt carry out reforms: Illegal Fiji PM

Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has urged all Fijians not to be influenced by self-interested individuals, politicians, religious organisations, and others who may seek to disrupt the stability Fiji have enjoyed in the past three years.

This he said while confirming the removal of the Public Emergency Regulation (PER) in a press conference at the Government Buildings in Suva today.

Commodore Bainimarama said the lifting of the PER from tomorrow marks an important step towards the public consultations for the formation of a new constitution in February under which truly democratic elections can be held.

“There is nothing more I want than a Fiji with a truly democratic government, one representative of all Fijians. For the first time in our history, we are on the path to making this a reality. We must get there,” he said.

Bainimarama said the PER acted as a safeguard protecting the citizens while his government carried out major reforms.

“No society, no country-and indeed not Fiji-can ever be free if we do not remove or at the very least address directly these societal and political ills,” said Commodore Bainimarama.

He said through the PER the reforms and changes which have been for the clear betterment of society-include, among others:

- Implementation of a common and equal citizenry

- Outlaw of institutionalised racism and other discriminatory practices

- Codifying equal rights for women

- Creation of FICAC

- Creation of the Independent Legal Services Commission

- Instituting a Child Welfare Decree

- Putting in place a new Crimes Decree

- Creating a transparent and sustainable provident fund

- Equal distribution of land lease monies

- And restructured Fiji Sugar Corporation and the sugar industry

- Getting better returns for landowners and providing security for tenants

Bainimarama said all of these have been made for a better society-“one that is more fair, just and transparent meeting international standards”.

“Without stability, without the right to exercise our own sovereignty, no nation can progress, no nation can prosper.”

He urged all Fijians to continue on their path to a new constitution and elections-for all of Fiji and for a better Fiji.

By Nasik Swami

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