Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sick Leave Abuse Indicative of a Sick and Corrupt Regime in Fiji

Sai Lealea

 Hands up anyone who is surprised at the abuse of sick leave in the story below? None I would think.

What is happening in Fiji and its public service is symptomatic of the sick and corrupt environment that now exist when you are forcibly ruled by an equally sick and corrupt regime.

While no one would condone what has been reported here, it merits examining why such a practice has now surfaced and, as well, what incentives are there to guard against it.

Public servants are often motivated more than just the reward of remuneration. It is the duty and opportunity to do good by others, to perform duties beyond the call of one's job description, and the satisfaction to see improvement in the welfare of citizens. But for that to occur there needs to be an environment that is supportive and promote such contributions such as the freedom and human rights to be treated and regarded as free citizens in one's own country. 
Fiji under the current illegal regime is not. In fact it is worse than that. It has instead terrorised and mistreated its citizens and especially the public servants to a state of servitude. Public service is no longer that but about guarding one's livelihood and doing the barest minimum to satisfy job requirements. No more no less. Such an environment is extremely fertile for people to cut corners, take advantage of laxed regulation and turn on their jobs as defacto revenge against the evil regime ruling over them.
The reported abuse of leave below follows on other stories of sabotaging government assets reported earlier. And the worse thing about all this -  IT WILL INCREASE

Because public servants, through those acts, are venting their anger, disdain and disgust at the illegal regime. No amount of retribution by authorities or close monitoring will reduce it because the incentives in place now are ludicrous and self defeating. The solution then is ever obvious and it gets more so each day the evil regime in Fiji prolongs its unwelcome stay. 

To reset the incentives for the public service means removing all the restrictions and illegal restraints put in place by the illegal regime and let the public service service the public not their own self interest against the evil regime.
The loser in all this are the citizens of Fiji. Their demand for service will continue to rise in the face of government restrictions and  poor public service. In the end they have to decide if they can continue to stomach and put up with the current regime. 

The ball has been in their court since the illegal takeover in December 2006. They need to show the illegal regime they will no longer accept this level of service and want them to return their government to them - One they want and elect to rule over their affairs under their free will. Not one forced on them by a bunch of thugs and cowards whose only claim to legitimacy are the guns they have. No more no Less. Read below the reported abuse of sick leave.

Fiji Live News - 12 December 2011

Ministry terminates 58 staff as probe continues

Fifty-eight staff members of the Ministry of Works Transport & Public Utilities within the central eastern have been terminated after they were implicated in a medical certificate scam.

Ministry spokeswoman Sainiana Radrodro said the decision was reached after extensive investigations were carried out when it was noted that medical certificates of a large number of staff from as far as Taunovo depot in Navua and Naqali in Naitasiri were producing sick certificates from the same medical centre in Nausori.

“The same staffs were noted to be regularly sick and many had exhausted their sick leave days provided for in the annual allowance. Some had gone on to borrow leave and were producing these medical certificates from the same doctor,” said Radrodro.

She said it was disturbing to note that most of these certificates were produced without actual physical examination of the patients or officials.

According to Radrodro, the ministry has alerted the Ministry of Health with regards to these practices and has also enlisted the assistance of the Public Service Commission and the Solicitor General’s office on the appropriate action that needs to be taken.

She also revealed another set of staff is still being interviewed and questioned as part of the second phase of their investigations, which could result in the suspension of senior officers or issuance of warning letters for their involvement or lax attitude in the monitoring of this practice.

Radrodro has called on all senior staff and managers to play a more vigilant role in reporting such officers who are found to be breaching the regulations.

“It is prudent that accountability, transparency and ethics are emphasised to staff and it starts from basic issues such as these,” she added. 


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