Thursday, December 29, 2011

Qorvis Immoral Spin Doctor for Fiji Dictator Exposed

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Tina Jeon of Qorvis Communication exposed

The face of a coup d’etat apologist and Fiji dictator’s spin doctor, Tina Jeon

This is the face of that  immoral American history and tropical medicine graduate cum Public Relations wannabee expert, who should by now get the message that she’s a sham, a thief and a career prostitute for daring to illegally feed off Fijian taxpayers money to prop up murderous Fiji dictator Frank Bainimarama.

Tina Jeon should be ashamed of herself and Qorvis Communications she represents for their moral bankruptcy in promoting treasonous activities in Fiji.

In choosing to go to bed with dictator Frank Bainimarama, she and Qorvis Communications have set themselves up to a war they will not be able to win.

In actual fact, their choice of bedding Frank will be their undoing as all eyes and ears will be focused on them now, up until the day when justice will prevail in Fiji with them implicted for their part in furthering Frank’s illegalities.

Tina Jeon and Qorvis Communications, your day of reckoning is near and the Fijian people look forward to the day when you will be summoned by the long arm of the law!

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