Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fiji Military Accused of More Murders

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Murders Continue at QEB

Picture Sources within QEB have revealed to Lt.Col Ratu Tevita Mara that the body of  Police Constable Ratuvono, from Bukuya, Ba, was found at 7pm last Thursday floating in the QEB pool with deep cuts to his head and bruises on his back.  The policeman was a current member of the Military Hapkido course run by Warrant Officer Class1 Tevita Korovou.  

Tevita Korovou and his Hapkido goons are responsible for the majority of assaults on unarmed civilians.  In particular, the bashing of Bhalu Khan and his supporters at the Delainavesi Police Post in Suva.    

What is interesting, sources say, is how the body was discovered floating in the pool without anyone noticing it between 1400hrs to 1900hrs during a normal work day.
Tevita Korovou in middlePhoto: Coup 4.5

The source says that PC Ratuvono had witnessed “something” in QEB that he wasn't supposed to, murder is evident, but the Fiji Military is keeping quite about it.
Fiji Police have  released a statement ruling out foul play yet stated that investigations were continuing.  This all amounts to a cover up by the illegal regime and no doubt something that is known high up the ladder. It has become the hallmark of the illegal regime to withhold any news that stands to tarnish its image and especially that of the military who are in fact the real power in Fiji.

The military in Fiji has become a death wielding machine and stands accused of numerous deaths and torture of civilians and fellow soldiers. Sooner or later the truth will surface and those responsible for such brutal and cowardice acts will answer for their crimes.

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