Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dictator's Elder Brother Now Fiji's Ambassador to Malaysia

Meli Bainimarama
After having been rejected by the British Government, Meli Bainimarama, age 75, and elder brother of Dictator Frank  Bainimarama was sworn in this morning by the Illegal President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as Fiji's Ambassador to Malaysia

Sources say the illegal President is just the rubber stamp as the decision for the appointment would have come direct from the Dictator himself. There are so many career  hard working, experienced and qualified civil servants being overlooked for this appointment. This is nepotism at its highest in what has become the norm under the Bainimarama dictatorship.

Sources say the normal process is for the Minister for Foreign Affairs to nominate  or recommend such an appointment. But in this case the line Minister was not even consulted at all. Given he is the dictator's brother, it does not surprise most observers. That he is over 70 when the dictator had ruled the lowering of the retirement age to 55 for civil servants, says a great deal about the hypocrisy of the whole appointment. A case of one rule for Bainimarama, his family and friends and another for everyone else.
Bainimarama children favourably treated
That is what life is in Fiji under the repressive Bainimarama dictatorship.

It certainly stinks but to the dictator Bainimarama, it is all to do with turning Fiji around into a nation where everyone is treated the same - OOPS! Only if you're a supporter of the illegal regime.

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