Friday, December 23, 2011

Dictator Bainimarama’s Speech by Qorvis Crappy with No Truth

Posted on Raw Fiji News

Dictator Bainimarama
Sources have confirmed that almost all of Frank Bainimarama’s public speech has been and will be written by that dodgy US based Qorvis Communications company.

The most recent one was dictator Frank’s speech during the announcement of the junta’s first exclusive casino license to another dodgy company called One Hundred Sands Limited chaired by one Larry Claunch.

Qorvis - Communicating Bainimarama's lies
In the speech, Qorvis Communication’s strategy was to zero in on the “native” side of Larry. Larry, by the way, claims to be a native American investor. His native ethnicity led Qorvis Communication to believe that perhaps, it will cause the native Fijians to embrace him and his pie-in-the-sky casino idea, approved and mooted by two treasonous thieves, tyrant Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum.

Qorvis Communications would obviously have done their homework and found that majority of native Fijians resented the whole casino concept when the ousted SDL government tried to gauge the casino appetite of local Fijians through a public forum drive across the country.

SDL backed off and quashed any further talks to introduce casinos to Fiji.

But this time round, with the Public Emergency Regulation in place and rule by decree with a barrel of the gun, punctuated by Qorvis Communications bullcrap, the casino idea has taken a turn for the worse with all the illegalities surrounding its birthing at such a precarious time in Fiji’s coup infested life time.