Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chief of Staff Land Force Commander Resigns

Once reputable Fiji Military now an Agent of Political Upheaval and Doom in Fiji

The once reputable Fiji military is now minus another senior officer.

Sources in Fiji have revealed that the Chief of Staff Land Force Command, Lt Col Isireli Dakunimata age (49) resigned from the Military to take up a Field Security Officer (FSO) with the UNDP in Kabul, Afghanistan.

He left this morning. This news will of course not be released by the RFMF. He is known to be fed up with the lies and the involvement of the military in Politics while neglecting its core role and functions.
Sources have revealed that despite pay increases soldiers are fed up with the lack of training, and ongoing neglect as those who should provide training have taken up civilian jobs in various government departments - Jobs they are hopelessly not qualified for and would have no show in attaining under normal recuitment. Classic examples are Frances Kean, a Naval Officer and brother in law of Frank, Commissioner Northern and of course the famous Band Boy, Leweni. Others would know for themselves without the need to be fingered out to add to their utter shame.

Sources have even gone on to say:
"They are all sick and I tell you the Civil Servants are fractured.They just go with the flow at the moment."
 As well there is a report right now of a Bomb Threat at Govt Buildings. All offices have been vacated to allow the Police and Military Bomb squad to inspect. In any case sources say "they will not find anything because the caller may be just one of them." 
Such is the extent of  disdain and disgust among once loyal public servants in Fiji, now brutally emansculated by the lies, nepotism and corruption of the evil Bainimarama regime.

It would appear most people in Fiji are hoping that the Union Officials from Aust and NZ due to visit Fiji, will begin a move towards removing the cancerous growth now infecting Fiji and brought on by the Dictator Bainimarama and his egotiscal sidekick Khaiyum.

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