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Fiji Police Boss Wife Co-Running Things with Weak Hubby

Fiji's illegal Police Commissioner, Iowane Naivalurua, has always been tainted by a fatal flaw, which those who knew him, have suggested has prevented him getting to the top of the military echelon earlier in his otherwise distinguished career. 
That flaw is the incessant desire to please others so as to stay in their good books, and not to displease for fear of being labelled as not being a team man. That inevitably makes him weak and vulnerable to being manipulated by those more strident in their views and even more so when they are close to him personally, or superior in rank to him. That is precisely the case with the illegal Police Commissioner in relation to two people who have been part of his life for some time now - Dictator Bainimarama as his commander, and of course his wife, now accused of co-running the Fiji Police with him according to the Coup 4.5 story below.
A fellow military officer of Naivalurua, and tauvu to us both, had confirmed to me how the Dictator Bainimarama challenged them with other officers, to state their position about his intention to carry out the 2006 coup. While our tauvu stated his opposition and the reasons against the coup, Naivalurua, with all his Sandhurst military schooling in ethics etc..would not dare speak against Bainimarama. He clearly rather that Bainimarama run him over with all the convoluted rationale and logic that was behind his reasoning for the coup - all now proved to be totally false and treasonous. That was Naivalurua at his best - prevaricating, dithering and, in the end, siding with the devil he no doubt knew to be concocting an illegal act unbecoming a military officer. 
Colonels Tuatoka, Seruvakula and others were able to realise and saw through Bainimarama's flimsy, sinister and illegal design against a legal and democratic government that had the mandate of the people of Fiji. It can be said that it was weakness that somehow paralysed Naivalurua from applying himself to stand up to Bainimarama that time like other officers who did. Because a smart and distinguished military officer like him would not have done that with all his military training. But as we now see where-ever he goes, he is at his best when he is keeping his head well below the parapet so as not to attract attention or in case his faults get noticed by his superiors. The problem is though you make yourself vulnerable to manipulation, even by those you hold dear.

I hate to say that is perhaps what Kesa is now doing to him in now co-running Fiji police as reported below by Coup 4.5. It has happened before and bound to happen again as it is now.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five

Who is running the Fiji police force: Compol or his missus?

Ioane Naivalurua and his wife Kesaia.

She's not quite Nur Bano Ali but police moles say the wife of the current police commissioner of Fiji is definitely pulling the strings and getting a slice of the action.

Intel information says Kesaia Naivalurua is acting a lot like Mary Bainimarama, making herself at home at police headquarters and spending when and where she wants.

According to disenchanted officers, Mrs Compol is the organiser of this Friday night's police 'excellence' award, and has pocketed $20,000 for her own use from the  $65,000 secured in sponsorships.

Fractious officers are boiling over with news there will be no 6% increment this year because of yet another budget blowout, blaming Mrs Compol's for contributing to it.

One officer says the Commissioner's wife loves to waste money, like she did getting the police posts repainted: "All the colours for the police posts, which do not look like police posts anymore but like common houses, have been chosen by the Commissioner's wife. 

"Also, all furniture has been removed from the post and tv put in so that people can come and sit at police posts and watch tv and drink grog. The police officers have a small desk to sit at and to file reports etc. The police uniform change and design was also also her idea and big bucks were paid and commission received."

Infuriated officers say Mrs Compol recently made the building maintenance unit repaint the gym where the police crime prevention workshop was held.

"After they had finished painting it the first time, Mrs Commissioner came in and started scribbling on the walls and putting question marks on them because she didn't like the way it was painted or the colour. The police unit re-painted the whole gym at a cost of $6,000." 

While the police commissioner was away in Cambodia recently, the police have been taking orders from his wife on the logistics of police uniformity and community approach, forcing many to ask of the Compol and PM: so who really is running Fiji police?

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