Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dictator's Bodyguards Continue to Drop Dead

Dying Dictator
As the Dictator Bainimarama continues to clamp down hard on his ever-increasing opponents, those tasked with keeping him and his family breathing in order to plunder away at the expense of the country, are dying like flies.

On the morning of 04 November, one of the Dictator's bodyguards, Warrant Officer Tikolevu, died of heart attack. Sources in Fiji revealed that the number of bodyguards are dwindling despite constant attempts at replenishment.

"Sa volekati koya yani" says an opponent, meaning "death is getting near the Dictator" all the time as those around him die away.

The deaths must constantly remind the Dictator that his end gets closer each day too and he must be dreading it so much that he is going out all the way to help him and his family to the State largese. 

Like other Dictators, as they near their end, they treat the State, its institutions and its assets as personal property. That is precisely what is happening. That disease has even become contagious and has even infected Bainimarama's family.

Coup 4.5 reported his grandaughter calling the Police when she lost her IPad at school. How sickening is that? But that is pretty typical and will get worse and aggressive just like a debilitating cancer that is not responding to treatment. 

Dying Dictators
Yes, that is what Bainimarama has become - A cancerous tumor on the nation of Fiji and its people. He not only is not responding to treatment, he is refusing much needed treatment and the condition is terminal and he knows it. 

What will now take up his mind is the legacy he will leave behind and his insane desire to pass that legacy down to his family, friends and supporters. That is why those around him must also be subjected to the same treatment as the Dictator when he passes on. Otherwise they will begin another cancerous growth on the nation and it will be much worse given their numbers and the desperation that will be driving them.

Family Legacy of Dictator
For those standing up to the regime in Fiji, stay strong and mark out your own strategies to strike down the Dictator and his supporters when the call comes and it is not that far off. Take note of the budding new cancer that are offshoots of the main cancer as they will be the ones that will have to be pruned first to stop the cancer spreading. 

Keep a note of who feeds and sustains them. They too must bear the brunt of disloyalty in observing and practising simple forms of human decency associated with human beings. Oops - some may say they do not deserve to be called as such given the manner in which they have brutalised and terrorised their fellow human beings.

That will be their fate as  the Dictator Bainimarama edges closer to his maker each day he prolongs his illegal hold on the nation of Fiji and its people.

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