Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Corruption Galore as Illegal AG's Wife set to Head Fiji Visitor's Bureau

by Sai Lealea

Corruption couple -  Khaiyum walking wife to the altar & FVB CEO Job
Now it's the turn of the illegal AG, Minister for Tourism, etc..etc..etc.. the list is endless, to again profit from the largese offered by the State.

Sources have advised that Khaiyum's wife, a hotel manager, is to be the CEO at the Fiji Visitor's Bureau (FVB). Surprising? Probably not to most in Fiji given that her dear husband is none other than the Minister of Tourism plus many other portfolios.
In so doing, the innately arrogant, vain and abundantly despised Minister, is merely following behind the footsteps of his Dear Leader, Dictator Bainimarama. Just like how the Dictator's daughter wormed her way to the CEO role at Fiji Sports Council, Khaiyum's wife is now to be boss of FVB.

Detractors and supporters just need to think of how impossible it would be to turn her application down knowing how her ex-terrorist bomb maker husband would deal to those responsible. That has been how Khaiyum has been known to deal with his detractors, using the military  as muscle. It is indeed the same approach that he has employed in emasculating and undermining his dear leader whenever he is given the chance. Remember his glory days whenever he acts as illegal PM? Even managing to have his acting stint captured in a plaque! I know many who would delight in ripping that disgraced metal off its place the moment the illegal regime gets booted out of power and into prison. Then again, we all know Bainimarama is just not smart enough to know when Khaiyum is running mental games round him. In most instances brain tends to win out over brawn!