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Poverty in Fiji Under Bainimarama Dictatorship - Just View the Pictures!

Posted On Raw Fiji News - 26 October 2011

Frank and Aiyaz’s new Fiji is more ghettos and extreme poverty

Slumlords exploit poor tenants

Bainimarama family living it up while Fijians suffer
The Consumer Council of Fiji is concerned with the exploitative nature of tenancy in squatter settlements in the country’s urban centers.
Slum areas in Suva increasing under Bainimarama's illegal reign
Dictator & wife partying it away at hotel in Fiji unfathomable to ordinary Fijians
This follows complaints received from poor squatters who are being charged exorbitant rent by dishonest and devious landlords who have illegally built houses on lands that do not belong to them.
Council chief executive Premila Kumar said apart from rent rates as high as $200 a month for a one-room or two-room tin shack, the terms and conditions of the tenancy were often done verbally with no protection of the rights of the tenant.
Stagnant water pools in slum areas a common scene
“Receipts are not issued, repairs not done to the house and verbal threats of eviction made to tenants are just some of the issues confronting tenants who are already plagued by poverty and making honest attempts to earn a living through minimum wages,” she said.
“The landlords are acting as if they own the land or property, on which they have built and rented out houses.
Poor Housing in Fiji getting worse under Bainimarama regime
“The council has intervened in one case involving a single mother with four children. The landlord issued a written notice giving the woman just two weeks to vacate the house she was renting at Wailea Settlement in Vatuwaqa, Suva.
“The law affords tenants the right of a month’s notice if landlords want them to move out. In this particular case the council has advised the complainant of her rights and not to move out of the property until such time a proper written one-month notice is given to her.”
Fijians made to suffer under Bainimarama regime
Mrs Kumar said the council had also advised the landlord of his obligation to respect his tenant’s rights.
“The council has also sought the assistance of the Ministry of Local Government & Housing for this case, because the land belongs to the state and the council is aware of reports last year that squatter residents living on state land and paying rent to landlords were asked to stop making rental payments,” she said.
“The council is urging the ministry and other responsible government agencies to intervene and curb the exploitation of poor people by unscrupulous landlords. These landlords are basically stealing from the Government by making money from state land.
So sad yet so true! Fiji under Bainimarama - litany of hardshjip & misery
“This is simply not fair as these landlords are having a free ride and exploiting vulnerable consumers while others are struggling to make an honest living.”
Good Housing in Fiji - Only a dream under Bainimarama regime
Mrs Kumar said this practice must stop because it is becoming the norm in squatter settlements.
“In the meantime the council is calling on tenants in squatter settlements to raise their complaints if their rights are not being respected by landlords,” she said.

let the camera tell the sad but true story…


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