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Military Sexual Shenanigans as Fiji Team Gets Walloped on the Field

Below is a story forwarded to me to publish on this Blog. If true, then no wonder the Flying Fijians were always doomed to failure given the behaviour of those in Fiji who should have been guiding their campaign from the start.

FRU chairman Tikoitoga was playing night balls with mistress Ana Rokomokoti as South Africa prepared to thump Flying Fijians 49-3 in New Zealand
Bloated FRU Chair Tokoitoga

RFMF land force commander and military regime imposed chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union Mosese Tikoitoga is calling for blood after Fiji went down to Samoa 7-27 at Eden Park in New Zealand. The Bainimarama-Khaiyum controlled Fiji is now out of the quarterfinals and almost certainly out of automatic qualification into the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

“There will be changes across the board in the national rugby team management. That will also include the selection panel and other arms of the Fiji Rugby Union. We will follow the process and wait for the team to return and for the team management to file their report with us. I know we are all disappointed with what happened against Samoa. There were a lot of talks before the game and we were told this team was better prepared than the 2007 team. We now have seen how they performed and we know what we have been able to do. There is going to be changes made and we will make them once we have met as a board and decide on the next action.”

Tikoitoga played “balls” with mistress in Nadi before South Africa clash 

Ana Rokomokoti - back in military bosoms!
The Flying Fijians told the international media that they were relaxed as they prepared for rugby world cup holders South Africa. Nicky Little had celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday 13 September and when asked by the Guardian newspaper how he would celebrate the Fiji outside-half did not answer in the time-honoured way of professional rugby players. “I will get on the piss. The boys have been giving me crap all day. It started at 6am with happy 38th birthday and all that stuff. I am 35, not 38. If you cannot enjoy your day today or tomorrow, when can you.” 

In Fiji, the chairman of FRU Tikoitoga, barred from entering New Zealand to cheer on the Flying Fijians because of his links to the country’s military dictatorship, was getting “pissed” for a very different reason; the cheating army major was playing “balls” with fellow major and mistress Ana Rokomokoti-Daucakacaka, once considered the iron lady of the military, and the former chief registrar of Fiji’s tainted judiciary. 

On Friday night before the Fiji-South Africa clash, soldiers guarding the NASA camp were graced with the presence of Tikoitoga and Rokomokoti, who headed for the army bar where they partied on taxpayer’s expense to the wee hours of the morning. Poor Jiu, Tikoitoga’s wife, had been left behind in Suva.

Alipate Naiorosui, former FRU moneyman, with his mistress
The former FRU Director of Finance and former Housing Authority CEO Alipate Naiorosui was not to be outdone – according to the foot soldiers at the camp he had joined the party with his own mistress – another female army officer. We may recall that Naiorosui had departed from Housing Authority after 17 years of service, with Tikoitoga wearing another illegal cap, as chairman of Housing Authority, informing us of the following: “Alipate Naiorosui has made extraordinary contributions in the area of employee empowerment, creating and maintaining state and non-state partnerships with key stakeholders, maximising community ownership of strategies, and enabling infrastructure for Housing Authority projects. He has been one of the strongest and most persuasive advocates for home ownership and community building for low-to-middle income families in Fiji. We greatly appreciate his contribution to the Authority. His dynamic and inspirational leadership through the years, has served the Authority well and his presence will be sorely missed.” Well, the two caught up with each other again, partying with their mistresses at the Nasa army bar. 

On 12 July 2010 Naiorosui was charged with one count of Abuse of Office where it is alleged that between the 7th and 13th December 2006 he, being a person employed in the public service namely as the Deputy Chairman of the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited, in the course of or in relation to his public office and abuse of that office did or directed to be done an arbitrary act, namely approved and effected a payment of $177,000 as an ex-gratia payment in lieu of early retirement to Herbert Hazelman who was employed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited, without the authority of the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited Board and/or of the Higher Salaries Commission, which is an act prejudicial  to the rights of the said Fiji Ports Corporation Limited.

Sex, guns and fornicators

Since the 2006 coup, the military officers have taken their sexual pursuits to unprecedented heights. In August, I had pointed out that highly reliable military officers close to Tikoitoga are alleging that he was recalled to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks because, while serving as Commissioner Central in Nausori, he had made his private secretary pregnant.

Sharon Smith-Johns charms Military Council


According to highly reliable sources inside the Military Council the “late night parties” was another modus operandi that saw regime information propagandist Sharon-Smith Johns landing the present job – she threw late night parties at her Tamavua residence with sexual indiscretions committed with impunity. The dresses she wore at Military Council meetings were skimpy and revealing, straight from a scene from the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct and starring Sharon Stone, quipped one Military Council officer. 
Another soldier, Sergeant Tovuto, a team member of Ben Naliva’s torture brigade was investigated for extra marital affairs in 2009. He actually slept with one of the soldier’s wife at the RFMF wives tournament in Labasa. Military Police did the investigation and implicated him. The dictator Bainimarama directed his discharge on paper, but Tovuto was posted to the Reserve/TF and is still with the dictator, paid by taxpayers. Talk about double standards.
And, now we have Tikoitoga demanding that the Fiji team deliver the goods when they themselves are committing adultery and fornicating back home!  Indeed heads must roll.


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