Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Le fin de Bainimarama - Quel avenir pour les Fidji ?

by Sai Lealea
"The end of Bainimarama - What now for Fiji?"

Liberation reporting on Dictators
Above is the news headline I know I will wake up to quite soon following the brutal and undignified removal from power of the Dictator Bainimarama. I know this because I even foresaw the same headline in the French newspaper Liberation which I have adopted as title to this post.

But dreams and visions aside, I now believe it is time to speak and think past the Dictator Bainimarama and his illegal regime as if they are no longer in power. Embarking on this will in turn crystallise for Fiji and its peoples precisely what type of Fiji we would want, as Bainimarama and Khaiyum's corpses are slowly consumed by worms, and transformed into dust, following their undignified burial in unmarked graves somewhere in Fiji. 

Undignified and brutal way for Dictator Bainimarama to go
Talking past these two will also reduce them to mere irrelevances insofar as Fiji's future is concerned. Because they and their colleagues must never be allowed to have a say in it. They have shown in the last 4 and half years how much they do not value Fiji, its peoples and its heritage by the way they have misruled and terrorised the people. The fruits of their reign are beyond the endurance and capacity of the people. Under their rule, human beings have been transformed into hate machines and soldiers into torture merchants indulging in the sadistic enjoyment of inflicting pain and suffering on innocent civilians. Neighbours are encouraged to dob in anti-regime supporters as Fiji descends into being a police state. So there are really nothing more worthy of the current and illegal regime to speak of - hence the urgency to speak past them. Their time is up and they know it as they shudder away in private every time they watch news about the fall of another fellow Dictators elsewhere.

Bainimarama & Khaiyum play fighting their demise
Talking past the current regime ruling Fiji does not mean we take our eyes off them as perpetrators of torture and misery. We all know they are and they know it too. That morsel of truth will and is gnawing away at their conscience, should they have any more left. They will answer for their evil deeds just like Gaddafi, Saddam and others to fall. The only question is the manner in which Bainimarama falls. If the brutal scene and human carnage recently shown on TV when Dictators fall has not numbed Bainimarama and Khaiyum's nerve, then they better be fully loaded with some type of street pill to mask the pain they will have to endure from those ready and willing to inflict it. And we all know there are more than enough licking their lips at the thought of dishing out to Bainimarama and Khaiyum what they are due as a result of the repression and degradation they have inflicted on the people. Even some so close to both of them, such that they should be praying money grows on mangoe trees in Fiji in order for them to subdue and contain the ever-increasing urge for revenge against them. But all good things tend to come to an end, and for Dictator Bainimarama, it is bound to be a hellish one and he richly deserves it.
Dictator Bainimarama - your friends one day, watch out the next!
Coup four Point Five Photo
Speaking past the brutal regime in Fiji can also result in solidarity around some key topics taking Fiji forward. The constant focus and attention on the regime can even disperse efforts directed at them because it is they who get to set the agenda and tone for those of us who want them removed. In other words, let us get on with getting rid of them and getting past them as if they don't really matter in the greater scheme of matters for Fiji. 
Bainimarama & Khaiyum - far flung friends will not save you both

Dictator Bainimarama - Inhabiting the dark side of Fiji's history
In this way, speaking past your opponent is one way of ignoring them to their own peril, while we dedicate our efforts to matters that will take Fiji forward. It is no more no less than an exercise in concentrating focus and attention towards key elements that will hasten the demise of Bainimarama as if it will be a matter of course. In this way, the egotistical Dictator Bainimarama, will be deprived of the essential ingredient that fuels his bloated ego making it more likely for him to collapse under his own expelled air of importance.

Death reduces Dictator Gaddafi to Nothing -
Think about it Dictator Bainimarama
When the dust settles over the two corpses of Bainimarama and Khaiyum, they should indeed be remembered as providing Fiji with brutal and repressive commas and pauses in the pages of history. Their legacies certainly do not deserve to feature at the end time of Fiji's story of existence because they have done their utmost to wipe it off the face and memory of its people. That is why we should all start speaking past them as they now belong in the past and not the future.

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