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The Khaiyum End Game

Posted on Truth for Fiji -29 September 2011
By Roko Ului Mara

Ying & Yang in the Illegal Fiji Regime
The blog site Coup 4.5 exposed the illegal AG Khaiyum’s title of Acting Prime Minister that is set in stone in the official Plaque commemorating the opening of the Fiji National University Film and TV studio.  This use of the title, of Acting PM, portrays the illegal, power-hungry, Aiyaz Khaiyum’s clandestine ambition.  It also broadcasts a signal of things to come.
The power-drunk and money-grabber Khaiyum, through the Plaque, is sending a loud and clear message to all and sundry, including his tyrant boss, the murderer Voreqe Bainimarama, that he (Khaiyum) intends to become, by hook or by crook, the next Prime Minister of Fiji.  Acting as Prime Minister is only the first step.  Khaiyum intends to continuingly act as Prime Minister of Fiji whenever the murdering dictator is absent from the country.  This is Khaiyum’s next steps.
Bainimarama Not PM of Fiji
The people of Fiji and the countries of the South Pacific and the world all need to be clear that Bainimarama is not Prime Minister of Fiji.
The Fiji Court of Appeal ruled, in its historic judgment in 2009, that the 5 December 2006 Military Coup was illegal, the Military junta that replaced the SDL Government was illegal and all acts by it are illegal. Consequently, the ruling junta led by Bainimarama is illegal and thus is not the Government of Fiji. Ipso facto, Bainimarama is not the Prime Minister of Fiji. And therefore, Khaiyum is not the Acting Prime Minister of Fiji nor is Khaiyum Fiji’s Attorney-General.
In addition, according to informed sources, Khaiyum never informed his boss, the tyrant Bainimarama, of his (Khaiyum) plan to have the Plaque made and mounted. If this be true, then it was a self-enlightened move, by Khaiyum, to show Bainimarama who is the real boss of Fiji.
End Game for Dictator Bainimarama
2006 Coup and Military Junta Illegal
Since the December 2006 Coup is illegal and the regime is illegal, its 2009 Decree abrogating the 1997 Constitution of Fiji has no legal standing, is illegal and is null and void. The fruit of the poison tree is also poisonous.
The 1997 Constitution is the supreme law of Fiji.
In the High Court rulings, the Prasad case being one, one of the Judges wrote that a Constitution is immutable and cannot be abrogated. The 1997 Constitution of Fiji is still valid.
The 1997 Constitution, in Article 98, provides that Fiji’s President shall appoint as Prime Minister “the Member of the House of Representatives who in the President’s opinion can form a Government that has the confidence of the House of Representatives.” The same provision is contained in Fiji’s 1970, 1990 and 1997 Constitutions.
Fiji has no House of Representatives. Bainimarama was not then, or never was, a Member of the House of Representatives. This being the case, Bainimarama cannot be Prime Minister and he is not the Prime Minister of Fiji. Khaiyum cannot therefore be Acting Prime Minister.
The Plaque therefore dubbing the terrorist and former bomb-maker and Fiji’s illegal Attorney-General as the Acting Prime Minister is really, as previously stated, a sign of things to come.
OOPs! Just remember am the boss even if you have the Brains!

Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s Evil Plan to Rule Fiji
The ultimate and sinister plot of the murderer Bainimarama and Khaiyum is to retain power by hook or by crook until they die. They are considering, subject to events and circumstances, to conduct a fraudulent and crooked election process in 2014. The ins and outs of that proposed election fraud were explained in a previous blog.
With a dubious and fraudulent victory assured by the murderer Bainimarama and Fiji’s Taleban terrorist, the plan, according to insiders, is for Khaiyum to be made Prime Minister and Attorney-General and the murderer Bainimarama to be made President of Fiji. And the two will rule Fiji forever.
The Plaque, commemorating the opening of the Fiji National University Film and TV studio, is only a snippet of the coming event.  It also casts an evil shadow, loud and clear, that Aiyaz Khaiyum is Acting Prime Minister now, and will be Prime Minister later.
With Khaiyum as Prime Minister Fiji is doomed to destruction, just like Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, especially when Khaiyum’s illegal acts wear the false cloak of legitimacy and democracy.  With this false cloak the rule of law, human rights and justice all become just words and Fiji, as a country, is doomed.

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