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Illegal Fiji Regime Signs off on Another Dubious Chinese Deal

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 02 October 2011

SIGNING AWAY FIJI'S RIGHTS? Bainimarama dots down.

Another arrival party gets the red carpet treatment
Yet another Chinese company is looking to make its fortune in Fiji. 

Gold Century Group (Fiji) Limited plans to inject about F$500 million in a commercial and residential project on 17 acres of land at Raiwai where it intends to build a multi-storey complex to house retail outlets, modern and professional office space, and up-market residential lots.  
Bainimarama dotting down again
Gold Century Group's chairman, Shi Yubao, has himself revealed (at the handing over ceremony of the lease in Suva) that the regime fast tracked its application. 

 Yubao says the Frank Bainimarama government 'facilitation' ranged from Investment Fiji allowing it to register, to surveying the land, to approving the survey and building concept and the environmental management plans, all in the space of just 15 weeks.

In a MINFO release, the permanent secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimone Kau, lauds how hard Bainimarama has worked to attract investors to Fiji, saying the whole project could've easily taken 18-24 months.

“Government agencies are beginning to realize that time is extremely critical in the business world, and they are now taking concrete measures to satisfy the expectations of foreign investors." (see attached statement)Development and business is welcomed but cynicism continues to grow about the deals between China and Fiji and fears Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum are selling Fiji off as they line their pockets, in kickbacks.

.... And again
Informants say the pair are getting $50 million in cuts from the Gold Century loan alone.

Those in-the-know also insistBainimarama and Khaiyum have almost $US30 million in offshore accounts, distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai. Coupfourpointfive is unable to verify these figures at this stage and can only say sources have proven to be right in the past on this sort of information.

Informants have also sounded the alarm about Bainimarama giving Chinese contractors army land to build a shop in Bay View. They claim the Chinese workers who are there are in fact 'Chinese army guys establishing a base in the Pacific under the nose of the dictator.'

"The Chinese vice president has visited twice in two years. This is not a coincidence. He comes to oversee the development of the mini chinese state that is Fiji," says a source.

"The Chinese government knows quite well Fiji is incapable of paying these loans and history shows that China took control of Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan by force. Fiji is its conquest and they have already started setting up a base by pouring in labours and businesses in Fiji."
Intel sources say they have been getting first-hand reports from the Chinese movements and that monitoring of workers has resulted in reports of some of them carrying satellite phones with a Chinese army encryption system.
It's believed as many as 10,000 Chinese nationals are now in Fiji as a result of work facilitated by Bainimarama since 2009.

Chinese investors propose $500m project 

Construction permits on the increase

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