Monday, October 03, 2011

Fiji Dictator's Puppeteer Joins the Illegal Regime's Sick List

Illegal Fiji Attorney General
Sources in Fiji are revealing that one of the most hated man in Fiji, the illegal Attorney general and Minister for All Things, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is sick in bed. It is reported he has measles.

As an indication of the hatred felt towards this man in Fiji, some are even wishing the worst for him. This no doubt reflects Khaiyum's repressive and manipulative influence over the dictator Bainimarama over the many policies implemented by the illegal regime. His hand can be seen in the many illegal decrees and orders covering his equally numerous portfolio areas impacting on the lives of the people and businesses in Fiji.

Back in history measles had claimed near a third of Fijian lives. Some are even touting Khaiyum's fate as already sealed by the souls of past Fijian lives owing to his part in demolishing Fijian institutions in partnership with the Dictator Bainimarama. Such has been the impact of his puppet's rule over Fijians that even those who have passed on  are still spewing their wrath on the living dead like Khaiyum.

Puppet & puppeteer keying each other up!
To make it worse, the collusion and close involvement of his family members in the affairs of government especially  in cutting lucrative deals for them and for him and the Dictator Bainimarama is now well known. Fijians are now seeing any ailment on his part as payment for the many sinful and repressive acts he has been inflicting on the people of Fiji. It is pay back time Khaiyum. Just like your colleagues of late Pio Tikoduadua and Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

Just as Fijians will say:

 "O na galu mai Sakaraia (Khaiyum in this case!"

Khaiyum will be hoping and praying his sickness will only be temporary. Undoubtedly, he will find this health setback a total inconvenience, especially since it may be placing a hold on his temporary appointment as Acting Fiji PM. He has been seen thriving and milking for all the glory and adulation that came with the undeserving elevation in his status since his puppet's departure for foreign lands making him  Acting PM. 

So much so he even managed to open a premises in Suva with a plaque that labelled him as such, even though it is thoroughly illegal for interim regimes to do so. But no, not the coward Khaiyum, as he wants to be remembered for his illegal accomplishments well after he begins his deserved rest in Naboro prison, accompanied by his puppet and other colleagues when democracy returns to Fiji.



Anonymous said...

Die you terrorist boci

Raimo said...

I am from Finland. I've read many historical events from old sources only, never heard these things from school or lectures of university:

In Lohja and Espoo near Helsinki, the Swedes fenced off the school building with barbed wire, in order to ban children the access to a school.

Censorship in the mainstream media makes Sweden, Finland and Norway dictatorships, ruled by the political and economic elite.

Corrupt countries of Scandinavia:
In Finland, Sweden and Norway the political and economic elite controls the media. No one can criticize the elite in the mainstream media. If a state or municipal employee criticizes leading politicians, will he or she lose his or her job.

In Finland, Norway and Sweden nobody can have a public post without being a member of a certain political party. In Finland all high-ranking officials, who earn 5000 euros a month or more, are members of political parties.

Here are Norwegian tv anchors: