Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Another Regime Colonel Joins Sick List

by Sai Lealea 

Fiji's 3FIR
Colonel Amani SULIANO of 3FIR Unit was reported to have collapsed at Albert Park yesterday whilst attending the Parade Rehearsal for tomorrow's Parade 
to mark Fiji Day.

Sources say he is believed to have survived but had a stroke as well.

The colonel joins the ever-increasing list of military and regime figures struck down with sickness in recent times led by the dictator Bainimarama himself and his beloved puppet, the illegal Attorney General and Minister for All Things, Khaiyum.

No wonder critics of the illegal regime are celebrating and wishing the worse for these regime stooges as their illegal and repressive acts slowly catches up on them and their leaders. 

Surely, each military personnel must be quietly asking why this onslaught of ailment striking amongst them? Equally, each one of them would have the answer and most likely it has to do with their being part of an illegal and repressive regime now terrorising the people of Fiji, including their very own Fijian chiefs, church ministers and fellow Fijians.

Parade rehearsal
Below are sample sentiments received from sources about the ailing plight of military and regime figures. And there is the expectation more are destined to fall and suffer irreparably as the regime limps along.

"Era na baca mai ka mate sara walega qo. Ni cala tiko na veika e yaco e Viti ni kua..."

"May be some will be sacrificed this weekend's Parade..Sa voleka"

Fiji's military when VC winner Sefania Sukanaivalu was a part
Today's Fiji military is a discredited, disgraced and shameful institution, unlike that of latter years. A far cry from the days when VC winner Sukanaivalu, was proud to be a part. But it does not have to be so. 

Accordingly, I say again to military officers:
  • turn away from being part of the illegal regime you're part of now;
  • gang up with like-minded officers and plan the removal of the leadership of the illegal regime;
  • give your support to those opposing the regime such as the Unions, Church and VTR
  • take care not to be part of the hit squad led by Ben Naliva, Aseri Rokoura  and Sitiveni Qiliho who are torturing and assaulting civilians because they will answer for it in the end;
  • You will be ever-revered by the nation and people of Fiji if you are part of efforts, and if more so, succeed in removing the current illegal regime, that is preventing Fiji from realising its potential to be again a nation we can all be proud of. 
  • If you have any doubt, carry it out this plea and find out. You will be pleasantly surprised how many others are just waiting for someone to begin the return to democratic rule. As military officers, you only, have the means and the opportunity to carry it out. You owe it to yourselves, your nation and your fellow Fijians.
Fiji The Way The World Would Again Like It To Be

But Only If And When Someone From Within The Military Have The Courage To Make It Be!

Thumbs Up for Democracy for Fiji.


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