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$1b Mine for Namosi in 4 Years is all Propaganda

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Manasa Kikau
  • This is the type of false propaganda that this illegal admin is doing, giving false hope to the locals about this 1bn dollar venture. When are they going to realise that not only are they fooling themselves but that it is so disgusting for them to be using the land for their own won't be surprising should another chinese company take up this offer, just to get their kick backs.....1bn dollars annual revenue, who are they trying to fool, dou sa rauta mada na veivakalolomataki. This type of reporting is so full of loop holes it's just not funny any more, ra yavu ulukau.

Fiji Times News - 05 October 2011
by Avinesh Gopal

A BILLION dollar mine is expected to start operating and producing gold and copper in the Namosi highlands within four years.

The Namosi Joint Venture mine is expected to generate an annual income of $1 billion at the current world market price of gold and copper.

Permanent secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources Filimone Kau said, "hopefully, the company should be able to get its mining lease by June next year.

"The company will be ready to invest in building infrastructure and mine developments costing about $1billion.

"We are looking at Namosi and also continuing work on a feasibility study, the viability of the business, model of the mine and environmental issues."

Mr Kau said landowners were continuing talks with the company for access to land for exploration and studies.

"There is also the compensation agreement but right now discussions are only limited to negotiations on exploratory work.

"It's both gold and copper and the land area involved for exploratory works is 72,352 hectares.

"There are hiccups here and there but we are trying to resolve it and the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources is playing a facilitating role to ensure all grievances are resolved.

"We have organised a meeting this week to look at some issues raised by the landowners and the company."

Regime Stooge Filimone Kau
Mr Kau said as far as the Government was concerned, the ministry was the key sector ministry in discussions on the exploration and transition into the mining state.

He said lessons have been learnt from the Vatukoula mine and others in the Pacific that the management of mining needs to be co-ordinated with a broader participation of the Government.

"We are setting up a Government task force, which is bringing in all stakeholders to be part of the dialogue because we want to make it right as a lot is at stake.

"We want to do it properly and, hopefully, lessons from those places tell us that Namosi turns out to be a worthwhile, viable and well-thought out project.

"If all goes well, then the mine should be operating and producing by late 2014 or early 2015.

"As forecast by the company, it will be a $1billion return annually with regards to the gold and copper price now."

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