Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unionist tells Fiji's chief censor: If you don't know what you're talking about SHUT UP!

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 17 September 2011

Kenneth Zinck
Kenneth Zinck has sent to Coupfourpointfive the following statement after our request for a reply to the claims from the illegal government that his motives for seeking political asylum in Australia are questionable. Zinck - a former government minister and unionist - has revealed he is making an application for asylum saying his safety can no longer be guaranteed in Fiji as the military is looking for him.
MINFO's Sharon Smith Johns has told FBC News: "The government is completely baffled regarding this. There is no truth to what Kenneth (Zinck) is saying. It's alarming the people are fabricating these sort of stories. He has a reason why he's doing this and the reasons are known only to him."

She claims Zinck has been free to travel and has attended overseas rugby matches without ever being taken to task or put on a watch list.

Zinck issued the following statement to Coupfourpointfive asking for it to be printed in full.

Sharon Smith Johns knows nothing of the happenings in Fiji. She should resign her job now before she goes to jail with Bainimaramama, Khaiyum, Nailatikau and cronies. I have a three year multiple visa to Australia and New Zealand and am only here now for safety sake from her thugs in the Fiji army. Why would I make up a story to stay here in Australia when I have families back home plus a job, a parish, a house a car and everything I need? The army hounded me in a tinted white twin cab and followed my car in the main streets of Suva on Thursday 25th August 2011 but couldn't catch up when a taxi got in between us.
I slept at the Pacific Regional Seminary that night and flew to Australia on Friday 26th August 2011 against my will but for safety's sake. I have been taken up to the Fiji Army camp three times and tortured and am not willing to be taken up a fourth time. NO WAY.

Doesn't Sharon know that I am currently blacklisted from leaving the country on instructions from her illegal PM's office and this is already on computer in Nadi in the border control area? The instructions came on the 29th August three days after I had left. The army even switched the street lights off in my street and then came at 3am in balaclavas to take me from home. My daughter and niece were home at the time and soldiers even gave them their ID.

Sharon can also check with the Police Staion in Samabula where my daughter has lodged a complaint about the soldiers for harrassment and trespass. Does Sharon think that I am making all this up just for a visa to Australia? If I had wanted to migrate to Australia I would have applied when I was much younger, not in the eve of my retirement Sharon.

My advice to Sharon is: if you dont know what you are talking about then just SHUT UP.

Dictator Bainimarama and Sharon Smith Johns
Her days are numbered together with Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Nailatikau and cronies and they will all go to JAIL for TREASON. When democracy is restored back home I will catch the first plane back to Fiji, Sharon, and I don't intend to live here in Australia forever.

Oh, and I will come and visit the lot of you when you are all in the MAXIMUM PRISON IN NABORO. For the moment Sharon get your facts right before opening that BIG MOUTH OF YOURS. I dare the Fiji Media to print what I have written above or are they all cowards and LAMULAMU.

Regards, Kenneth Zinck


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