Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tavola Too Smart to be Fooled by MSG Nomination as PIF Head

Kaliopate Tavola
Foreign Affairs Minister in Qarase Government

Fiji's illegal PM must think that a clever man as Kaliopate Tavola would be so dumb as to want to accept the bogus nomination of his fellow MSG partners to be the head of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. It just shows how bankrupt the group that they can't even find someone from among them instead of someone who was ousted by the Dictator Bainimarama in the 2006 coup. 

Tavola is too clever and a man of integrity to betray the trust and confidence of his SDL colleagues by jumping in the ring with the evil dictator Bainimarama and his group of MSG leaders. As well, Tavola would be well aware that he is being used as a porn in Bainimarama's attempt to split the Forum and get back at NZ and Australia for standing up to him and calling for a return to democracy in Fiji. It is an evil attempt by a evil man,  and Tavola would be well aware of it. For a man with integrity he can be expected to do the only decent thing - reject the insulting suggestion of having his name put forward by the MSG group.

Raw Fiji News has also reported below on this and with the same conclusion on whether Tavola would accept the nomination by the MSG.

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 01 September 2011

Commentators say ousted SDL government parliamentarian, Kaliopate Tavola, is unlikely to accept Melanesian Spearhead Group’s  move nominating him to the top job at Suva based Forum Secretariat.
This nomination follows a MSG meeting currently held in Fiji.
They say Tavola will not allow himself to be part of this MSG decision which was made in part by Frank’s illegal regime that ousted him and his SDL colleagues.
Tavola is understood to be involved in various consultancy projects in the Pacific with his wife Helen, who herself was a senior executive staff of Forum Secretariat before she left to join up with her husband in their consultancy firm.
Tavola’s name has also been mooted by many as the man capable of leading Fiji to election when Frank gets bored with his usurped power which opens the question, “who is this Tavola and what startling attributes does he possess to have convinced MSG to put his name forward for Forum Secretariat chief’s job at the upcoming Pacific Leaders Forum meeting in NZ? Or is this nomination another “perverted” idea by Aiyaz Khaiyum to get back at Australia and New Zealand while befriending one of Qarase’s key Minister on to team Frank?”
Only time will tell which team Tavola will choose.

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