Monday, September 12, 2011

The Khaiyum’s and Tappoo’s – More Dodgy Dealings

Posted on Intelligentsiya - 12 September 2011

Corrupt Riyaz Khaiyum
The illegal AG’s younger brother, Riyaz Khaiyum, placed an order for 9 vehicles with Madhu Tappoo over dinner on Saturday night.
Megalomania Aiyaz Khaiyum
Tappoo’s launched a new Kia car on Saturday 3rd September at their showroom in Suva. The chief guest was none other than the illegal “Minister of Everything that Makes Me Money” Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum. We had the usual plaque unveiling, the usual mutually congratulatory speeches and the usual ass licking. 
After the launch and cocktails, the entire Khaiyum family, Mummy, Daddy, Ag. Riyaz and their wives went to a private dinner. The only other guests were the entire Tappoo family. It was over dinner that the real business of the day started. Riyaz the CEO of FBCL was sitting next Madhu Tappoo, the CEO of the Group. He turned to Madhu and said “I need to buy 9 vehicles. Can I buy them from you? The answer was of course yes, the price was set and the deal was done. 

So shortly we will see FBCL execs and managers driving a range of Kia cars in the coming weeks. 

What we want to know is the following: 
  • What about the Tender Process? Riyaz we are not talking about how tender the beef fillet was at dinner either.
  •  What were the prices paid?
  •  How much cash was passes under the dinner table to Riyaz Khaiyum as a thank you?

This sounds like a job for FICAC. Oh no they only investigate the AG’s enemies not his relations and fellow corrupt citizens of Fiji. 


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