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India and Mahendra Chaudhry’s Vindictiveness

Raw Fiji News - 07 September 2011


The leader of the Fiji Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry had surprised everyone when he had agreed to become dictator Frank Bainimarama’s illegal Finance Minister after the treasonous coup on 5 December 2006. Once he got control over the nation’s purse, without revealing his own secret $2million he was hiding in an Australian bank ((until Russell Hunter and I exposed it in 2008, leading to Hunter’s deportation from Fiji), money laundered through the Indian consulate in Sydney, Chaudhry embarked on settling old scores.
Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
So it came across to Larry Dinger, the thenUnited Statesambassador toFiji, who wrote toWashingtonin leaked Wikileaks cable under the heading “Vindictiveness: Chaudhry and the Fiji Post”:
“The Fiji Post newspaper and interim Finance Minister Chaudhry have long had a contentious relationship.  When Chaudhry was PM in 1999-2000 he believed, probably with justification, that the Post was slanting news and opinion negatively.  Now that Chaudhry has power again, with a degree of control over the purse, he has moved to sell the Fiji Government’s 45% share of the Post (not a problem if there is a willing private buyer) and to foreclose on sizeable Post debts to government coffers (which could force the Post to close its doors).  On February 15, the Post’s editorial discussed its rough road with Chaudhry and then concluded with the following: “We hope Asha gave you a Happy Valentine, Mahend.”
US Ambassador Dinger: “Asha is Chaudhry’s Mistress”
For the attention of his masters back home, Dinger filled them with a portrait of “Asha”: “Asha is Chaudhry’s well-known but not publicly talked about mistress.  The Minister was not pleased.  His lawyer son announced a lawsuit would commence.  (Comment: While very few people actually read the Post’s editorials, Fiji TV displayed the “Asha” quote as part of a story on Chaudhry’s reaction.  The whole nation became aware.)

Hari Punja, another Chaudhry target, Vayeshnoi “crony”

Hari Punja (left) and Mahendra Chaudhry when he was illegal interim Minister of Finance
Dinger continued under another sub-heading, “More vindictiveness? Chauhdry and FMF: “Another long-standing Chaudhry enemy has been Hari Punja, the highly successful founder of Flour Mills of Fiji (FMF).  When the Chinese built a large gym for Suva’s South Pacific Games a few years ago, Punja bought naming rights for what became the “FMF Dome.”  Reportedly FMF recently was a few days late in depositing its periodic payment for the rights, not an uncommon occurrence in Fiji.  The Fiji Sports Council (FSC) response was immediate cancellation of the agreement.  The “FMF Dome” logo then was painted out from the front of the gym.  Under the interim government, Chaudhry crony Vayeshnoi is Sports Minister and Chaudhry son Rajendra is on the FSC board.”
Indian High Commissioner Ajay Singh happy with “Clean Up Coup”
Ajay Singh (3rd from left)
Two countries, China and India, dictatorship and the other the largest democracy in the world, have become the new darlings of the illegal regime, providing aid and loans, and even fitting a heart pace maker to keep the dictator Bainimarama alive.

In India’s case, Dinger has revealed why Chaudhry’s “Motherland” was so supportive of the treasonous coup – yes, it was “pay back” time for what the I-taukei Fijians did to Chaudhry and the Indo-Fijians in the 2000 coup.
But Dinger rightly warned of the “danger of pay back”: “A diplomatic colleague had dinner with Indian High Commissioner Ajay Singh a few days ago.  Singh, who has made no secret of his support for the interim government’s “clean up” effort, described the present Fiji environment as pay-back time.”  Chaudhry’s vindictiveness against the Post and FMF is illustrative, but Singh probably meant “pay back” more broadly against those who supported the 2000 coup that removed the Chaudhry government, and more broadly yet against those who have suppressed ethnic-Indian interests in the past.  We suggested to Singh at the time of the coup that the Indian Government, the world’s biggest democracy, should condemn the RFMF action.  Singh argued that many Indo-Fijians were supportive of Bainimarama’s efforts.  We suggested that any obvious Indo-Fijian enthusiasm for the RFMF would be playing with fire.  Since then there have been many instances of Indo-Fijians complaining to the RFMF about ethnic-Fijians and of RFMF troops then enforcing street justice with no due process.  To date, nothing has exploded into flame, but there is certainly a danger of “pay back” reversing course with tragic consequences.”
As I have warned Dixon Seeto and Fiji Chinese community in a previous posting, the Indo-Fijian supporters must distance themselves from the dictator and the present bunch of morally bankrupt Indo-Fijians running the dictator’s regime, for when the “flames of freedom and democracy” will be set alight, there will be no Indian Navy waiting to transport them to their ancestral homeland, for it is no longer their home, and never will be. They must stand up with all those fighting to bring an end to  dictatorship.
As for the Indian High Commission, it must withdraw its support for the illegal regime, and if it does not, it should be sent packing toIndiawhen democracy returns – a reverse “pay back time” for helping dictator Bainimarama and his master controller Khaiyum oppress the peoples ofFiji.
Ajay Singh to USP audience:
“India’s list of achievements is perhaps more remarkable than China’s considering the constraints within which its system works – democracy, free press and an independent judiciary and delays in infrastructure (the rule rather than the exception in India).”
Mr Singh said “India and China are becoming the geo-civilisational twins from now on in their united efforts to reshape the world order and marching towards the Indian ideal of vasudhaiva kutumbakam (the world is one family) and the Chinese ideal shijie datong (a world in grand harmony).”


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