Monday, September 12, 2011

Illegal Fiji Regime Hides Another Tourist Death

Coup Four Point Five has reported another Tourist death in Fiji that remains concealed from the public to guard against any negative publicity for tourism in Fiji.

Read below another example of the dishonesty that now pervades news reporting in Fiji due to the strict regulations in place by the illegal regime there.

Tourists Playing Volleyball at Wailoaloa Beach

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 12 September 2011

Authorities in Fiji and newsroom censors have tried to play down the death of another tourist - that of a Japanese student, who had been staying at the Aquarius Hotel in Nadi. 

Insiders say she was murdered on Wailoaloa Beach more than two weeks ago and while police have confirmed the death, details have been suppressed and news of the incident was only formally revealed early last week. 

Sources say the student's body was found on the beach and that attempts to get the full story out in the local media have been impeded yet again by censors with the unelected government running scared because of the implications with the Japanese Government.

Sources say the student was a Japanese national, studying English at Freeboard International, in Nadi. It's believed there are close to 1000 Japanese students in Fij. Insiders say another tourist staying at Aquarius Hotel has been taken in for questioning.

The illegal regime and authorities in Fiji, worried about spooking tourists, took the same stance with the death of Kiwi businessman, that of an American businessman who drowned at Nadi, and that of a Kiwi woman who drowned at the Blue lagoon. 


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