Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hafiz Khan and Dixon Seeto named as advisors to Frank’s hit squad

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 04 September 2011

By Manasa Kikau
In one of my earlier postings I had mentioned the alpha group operating above the military council, this is the very group that dictates to the military council and the ones that is incharge of the 100 men detachment security detail for the illegal pm and his illegal ag. These are the culprits behind all their secret ops around the country. They have access to the min of transport for all their number plates for the unmarked cars they use.
The alpha circle or group members are:
 1. Sitiveni Qiliho
2.  Ben Naliva
3. Neumi Leweni
4. Jim Koroi
and their specops team the former members of the CRW now called the meridian. There is one more I am missing but according to my source from within that these group gives out the directives. 
Their advisors according to the source are:
1. former RFMF commander Paul Manueli 
2. former Col Inosi Tawakedrau
3. Hafiz Khan (Nadi businessman) and;
4.  Dixon Seeto. (Suva busimnessman)

Paul Manueli                                              Inosi Tawakedrau

Now these people can refute this information but I will later reveal through my source where they meet and will provide photos which I will upload here. TBC

Hafiz Khan


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