Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frank and Aiyaz Pay Aliens to Write their Repressive Laws

Raw Fiji News - 21 September 2011

Fiji  is waking up again to another miserable day when its citizens become aware that what they want and how they want their Fijian law to look like is absolutely beyond their control. I
n other words, Fiji’s sovereignty  is becoming a complete cop out by Frank & Co.

It has never been about the Fijian people anyway from the day Frank usurped authority with the barrel of the gun.
It was always about themselves, the usurpers, in particular the two main players, Frank and Aiyaz and their crone Nazhat Shameem who has become very prominent in thinking up all the different law making maneuvers to prolong their stay in power.
The expose` by Coup 4.5 that Air Pacific paid US lawyers in New York to dream up and scribe the regime’s Essential Industries Decree is a very credible evidence that prove without doubt that Frank’s regime is willing to draw big bucks from its affiliated quasi-government owned companies to pay aliens to write Fiji laws.
This is exactly what’s happened here where some freaky people in New York who are completely detached from the Fijian system in its totality have put together a piece of cut and paste decree meant to protect the interest of a tyrannical military dictator whose illegal regime has claimed ownership over 51% shares of Air Pacific they have accepted as a client.
The lack of consensual approach where the voices of the Fijian citizens are not heard in determining the law they will be subjected under via a free media, their parliamentary representative or interest groups makes this fanciful decree null and void and possibly inciteful.
MILBANK, TWEED, HADLEY & McCLOY LLP should be ashamed of themselves for propping up a murderous dictator like Frank with their Essential Industries Decree opinion.
If these guys from this New York law firm are able to scribble Fiji’s Essential Industries Decree just like that without any scrutiny from the very Fijian people its going to affect, what’s going to stop Frank and Aiyaz from hiring similar kinds of aliens to write their much talked about new Constitution who are only in it for their own vested interest and their dictator client?
If Air Pacific is able to write its own decree that gives them an unfair advantage over their workers and gets the regime to rubber stamp it as they’ve done here, it means that Fiji’s laws are now determined and written by overseas lobbyists/lawyers and not by the people of Fiji for the people of Fiji.
This is also a sad case of what Fijians already know – where only a handful of Muslim Indo-Fijians and expatriates are messing up the credibility and integrity of tried and established systems with their own deceitful corruptive agenda.
Frank & Co. are not in control. Even their laws are written by some zombies who don’t give a damn what happens in Fiji or its people.
They are all helping themselves to the “wham bam thank you maam” kinda game Frank & Co. is imposing onto the Fijian people.


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