Monday, September 12, 2011

Dictator Bainimarama - The Psychopath and Murderer

Truth for Fiji - 12 September 2011

Bainimarama was part of the Coup of 2000.

Bainimarama had also ordered the CRW into parliament in May 2000 then he betrayed them and Speight. Bainimarama was also under a secret police investigation for having a direct role in the coup.

In November 2000,  the CRW  mutinied and tried to kill Bainimarama for betraying them.  At the very start of the attack, Bainimarama abandoned his soldiers and ran like "grease lightning" down the steep bank behind Queen Elizabeth Barracks.  

A Colonel was quoted saying, " it was raining that day, but there was dust in the air."  The Colonel was removed for saying it. 

Bainimarama was not capable of leading his men or ending the mutiny.  Fortunately, there were other more experienced officers who saved the day.  These officers have also been removed.  

Bainimarama, a true example of a "lamusona", while hiding in the Navy Base, learnt that Captain Shane Stevens had led the mutiny against him.  Shane had been shot and was in hospital wounded.  Bainimarama went to the hospital  where, he said – before witnesses – that he intended to kill Stevens. His men had to talk him out of it.

However, five of the rebels were tortured to death. 
  • One had his penis cut off, while alive;
  • Another, his fingers torn out; and
  • in another, the tongue was ripped off. 
Pathologist reports showed they had all been tied up while tortured. 

Bainimarama is a psychopath, clearly exhibiting the key traits of this mental illness. 

He also threatened the PM Qarase to renew his contract as Commander RFMF and manipulated the RFMF to achieve his goals. 

Bainimarama lives a predatory lifestyle so characteristic of the psychopath and he seldom learns from experience of earlier mistakes. What he has been doing is to set up ways in which he can move forward and not get caught........

Meanwhile, the people of Fiji are paying for his mental illness......


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