Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cheaper to Remove Fiji Dictator Now Than Later

Dictator Bainimarama - out of place & out of depth at the UN
by Sai Lealea

Reports reveal that Bainimarama's lack of education and intellect continues to be shown up at the various international fora he attends.

His recent contribution at the UN General Assembly can only be described as abysmal, lacking in substance and depth.

For one with an illegal mandate and guilty of repressive rule over the people of Fiji, to be preaching about the virtues of equality before the law and unity among citizens, is hypocrisy at its maximum. Yet he seemed totally oblivious to all that is known about his repressive regime which continues to terrorise the people of Fiji. Such is the mindset now rampant and deliberated cultivated by his regime. To ram through all and any reform which in their eyes are the solution to Fiji's multifaceted problems, never mind if the rights of the people are tramped underneath. Yet one can sense innate fear in Bainimarama as he seeks to justify his illegal and repressive rule.

Bubbling away inside of him is the guilty conscience resulting from his part in the deaths and murders of a number of Fiji citizens. The evidence is there for all to see each day as his security retinue continues to elongate in the attempt to preserve his life and rule. A ruler with a popular mandate would not require such bloated security detail, let alone afford it.

A man with intellect and inner conscience will sooner or later come to realise when the life of pretence, fake and stolen mandate runs out. But this only happens when the contrast with reality becomes pronounced over time and only when the sense of reality is shared widely. For Bainimarama, he has in fact created his own reality, in which he and his closest of supporters and family exist. Those outside of that reality do not matter to them or are just tools to preserve their ongoing existence. It therefore becomes a self sustaining existence. 

Of great concern is the value placed on being part of the inner sanctum of the dictator's life as supporters and sycophants compete for his attention and favour. This is why dictators become entrenched in their rule over time, and as such, the cost for their removal escalates accordingly, whether in human or financial terms. Earlier attempts to remove Bainimarama were therefore wasted opportunities and such opportunities will even become rarer. The dictator himself knows this. This in turn will drive him further to extend his followings whether within the military or outside, especially those unaware of the true extent of his illegal rule.

The reverse scenario is equally true - removing the dictator Bainimarama would be far more cheaper now than later. That is precisely what Fiji needs in order to avoid a great deal more sufferings for its people. For Bainimarama's foot soldiers, even those untainted will inevitably be dragged and sucked into the repressive cycle of deceit and at worse, become agents of inflicting physical abuse, torture and even deaths on the citizens of Fiji.

That is why soldiers within Fiji's military, in particular those currently untainted with any direct criminal acts, have a personal interest and responsibility to Prevent and Stop Bainimarama. 

Unlike the rest of the civilians in Fiji, each one of you have the opportunity to take direct action to end all the madness that has now engulfed Fiji. Picture yourselves as Fiji's saviours, receiving the everlasting gratitude and blessing of all Fiji's people when you act to remove Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their supporters from power. Would that not be a far worthy and honourable tribute than to be labelled as agents of torture, abuse and repression? Where is the glory when you, your family and friends become tainted with the blood of those murdered by Bainimarama and his torture squad led by Ben Naliva and others?

The answer to those questions lay well within your hands each day you receive your issue from the Australian government funded armoury at Nabua. Each day you fail to act is a day longer for the suffering, humiliation and degradation for the people of Fiji and those closely connected to each of you. The majority of the people of Fiji want a return to a government that respects human dignity and the rule of law. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have shown no indication over the last 5 years of ever returning Fiji to its citizens because they fear the consequences for them. 

So act Now to Prevent Far Worse Suffering in Future.


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