Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bainimarama Presentation to MSG a Pack of Lies

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 01 September 2011

Fiji media banned while MSG delegates view 'promo' video

SELF-IMPORTANCE: Bainimarama at MSG meet.

Proof today the unelected government of Frank Bainimarama is using the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting to promote more lies about how well it is running the country.

Media were today ejected so a video could be shown to visiting foreign ministers from the 14 countries, although just the prime minister from Tuvalu was there.
The video apparently pushes how well the regime is doing and money was spent on making it to show the illegal government in a good light.

Sources also say Bainimarama told delegates 65% of people in Fiji support the controversial People's Charter.

Many will recall that when the Charter was being promoted around the country, Bainimarama said it was going ahead whether people liked it or not.

Sources also say Bainimarama told delegates voter registration for the 2014 election is well underway.

The regime's election plans have been closely guarded and few people believe free, democratic elections will come to Fiji in three years time.

Sources say media weren't allowed to ask any questions and say they wouldn't put it pass the regime to use villagers in its sham promotional movie to say they supported the Peoples Charter.

A treaty which was supposed to be signed yesterday has been delayed until tomorrow because the leaders of PNG, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands have not arrived yet.

The PS for Misinformation, Sharon Smith Johns, had said earlier in the week all leaders would be in the country by Wednesday.

Sources say Bainimarama did not look a happy man because of the poor turnout, a far cry from when he was prancing around when the first MSG meeting was held in Natadola.

It was also noticeable there were more police and soldiers than delegates. The police launched a special operation,Yatu Pasifika, for this meet but it was clear the soldiers were in charge, arriving in flash government vehicles.

From today's meeting came the news, too, that Papua New Guinea turned down the offer to host the first MSG Games, which was supposed to match the Pacific Games and the mini Pacific Games coordinated by the Pacific Islands Forum.

Fiji's call for the removal of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, has, meanwhile, been unanimously endorsed by Melanesian countries.

The real Forum starts in Auckland next week and will be attended by the Commonwealth Secretary General Kamlesh Sharma and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.


DELEGATES: Treated to movie

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