Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Anote Tong Support for Illegal Regime in Fiji is Disgraceful

by Sai Lealea - 07 September 2011
Kiribati President Anote Tong in Revolution Palace with Cuban President Raul Castro

Kiribati President's endorsement and attempt at getting Fiji back into the Pacific islands Forum can only be described as disgraceful knowing full well the position of the full Forum.

Then to go on to say that other members feel the same and that they lack courage to state their true position is a reflection more of him and his politics. Because most Fijians like me, know full well the only salvation for Fiji right now is a return to democratic rule so those who have the confidence of the people can run the government. And in so doing, Fiji can then access the type of support it desperately needs to shore up its ailing economy, and repressed citizens after nearly 5 years of government at the point of the gun.

Tong's position lacks sincerity, morality and regard for the plight of those people who have been terrorised by the military regime in Fiji. For him to have the gall to suggest that:

 "....  if we have six children and one is a bad young boy what do you do with him? Do you kick him out? You don't. You never do because we're a family and we must act like a family. Fiji is part of this family and our task is to continue to bring Fiji back."

is appalling to say the least and disgusting at worst.

Anote Tong - 42nd Pacific Islands Forum Takes Place In Auckland - Day 2
Leaders at the 42nd Pacific Islands Forum Meeting, Auckland, NZ
I say this to you President Tong:
  • In any family there are rules and to ensure harmonious living, members abide by those rules;

  • when you transgress, you admit guilt and work to gain the trust of members as a prerequisite to regaining your place in the family;

  • members will judge your sincerity when you are honest with them and that you set out concrete steps to mending your ways;
  • at worst especially, when you are a repeat offender, you have to double your efforts and provide even greater detail and commitment about mending your ways.

Fiji has not measured up to any of the above criteria because it has:
  • broken the rules and principles upon which the Forum was established;

  • denied culpability and lied about the real repressive situation in Fiji;

  • failed repeatedly to provide any concrete steps towards returning Fiji to legal and democratic rule; and

  • shown disdain and disrespect at the Forum with attacks on its staff as well as scheming to break up the Forum itself with his Melanesia Spearhead group (MSG).

Fiji and its people are missing out on the support available as a member of the Forum even though it has not been deprived of all services and support. But Tong should know that Fiji cannot hope to be part of the Forum family if it continues in the path it is following currently. 

True leaders, in the end, often recognise when it's time to turn the corner. For Fiji, that corner has been plenty, yet the illegal PM continues the present course knowing full well the consequences on the people of Fiji. 

President Tong would do well to educate himself first on the plight of Fijians before babbling sympathy for the illegal regime there. Otherwise, his words are no more than the sad utterings of a leader, of a fast disappearing small island nation, wanting favours from a neighbour and desperate for recognition.


Anonymous said...

sai are wrong to say that Kiribati wants any favours from neighbors, we never have and will never will. Tong was clear in his move to support Fiji reinstatement in the forum, that he did not support the regime and what he did...but felt it is for the people of Fiji..because mind you ...there are a lot of fiji citizens who are of kiribati heritage

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 9.37am

The Mr. Tong should learn what is legal and what is illegal when dealing with the law of the land, that should be his basis of discussion...we all want Fiji to rejoin the forum but first it must clean its back-yard first...this is not an issue of Kiribati-an or Fijian heritage it is a matter of principle and morale law of the land...there are more than 70% of i taukei heritage that are yet to be heard due media suppression by the illegal regime

paula raqeukai said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm from the Republic of Kiribati and I do not support our President in this move.
Have no idea what was his main interest in Fiji lately but i really hope that his wife has nothing to do with this since she was a fijian lady.

Kai Rabe Makawa said...

Mr Tong is in Fiji again voicing support and enthusiasm for the illegal regime here. What is up with this man? Is he blind or dumb? I know Fiji has stopped the Kiribati Airline flight route. But it should not be a reason for him to be supporting a dictatorial regime here in Fiji!

Sa rauta mada plis Mr Tong! Just go back to Kiribati!