Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VRF Blitzes Fiji Text Users with Resistance Message

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 31 August 2011

BIG REACH: VRF text campaign.

The group giving the people of Fiji new hope has upped its campaign to rattle the regime and show people it's serious about toppling the illegal government.

Viti Revolutionary Forces today carried out a massive text blitz in Fiji, saying it reached "almost everyone."

The message urged people to support the campaign to restore democracy: "PEOPLE of Fiji, ACT NOW 2 return democracy 2 Fiji. Stand up and B counted. Support Methodist church. Start passive resistance now. VRF act for a free Fiji". 

VRF said: "If the service providers are to trace it, then it has to be in conjunction with the international networks and they would not have the capabilities or the co-operation required."

It also told Coupfourpointfive: "This is part of VRF strategy to show the capabilities, strength, leadership and the network VRF possesses."

Social media like texting, Facebook and blogs were crucial in the campaigns to topple the dictators of Egypt, Syria, Iran and Libya. They were also used in the recent London riots to mobilise and organise people.

Viti Revolution Forces says: "VRF is following its strategies and the one and only objective is to remove the regime and bring peace and freedom for people of Fiji. VRF will step up its operations as needed and it has only started. More will come and it will come as required, when the need arises to step up to its maximum capabilities."

Fiji police today, meanwhile, tried to play down the VRF burning of a police post in Vutadradra, saying it was going to be demolished anyway. 

Readers will see from the photos sent to Coupfourpointfive, though, that VRF did serious damage. (see earlier pictures)

The unelected government is also continuing to suppress the Methodist Church as it threatened to do last week, after it cancelled the Suva conference.

Members of the Wesley City Mission Church have now received a letter from their pastor, Apenisa Katonivualiku, informing them that there will no longer be meetings, worship or fellowship services. Others are expecting similar formal notification.

The only services/programs permitted in Church are the regular Sunday worship services.

The continuous attack of the Methodist Church has caught the attention of the UnitingWorld Church of Australia.

In a story headlined Fiji Government Muscles Methodist Church, the National Director of UnitingWorld,  Rev Dr Kerry Enright (pictured), says church leaders in Australia are deeply concerned  about the Fiji military interference in church decisions.

UnitingChurch is urging members to write to the Australian government expressing support for the Fiji Methodist Church and to relay their concerns about breaches in human rights.

Read the UnitingChurch Press Release

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