Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viti Revolution Forces Continue Graffiti Campaign Against Illegal Regime in Fiji

Anti-regime graffiti continues to appear in Fiji as the campaign to denigrate and counter the illegal regime of Bainimarama spreads.

As expected, the regime has hit back with reports below posted on Coup Four Point Five, of physical assault and torture of those reported caught as offenders.

But Viti Revolution Forces, the group claiming responsibility, has vowed to increase its campaign as well as tough messages for the rest of Fiji citizens to defy the regime. VRF has even called for collaboration with the Methodist Church as the regime continues to intimidate the largest church denomination in Fiji.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 28 August 2011

Sources: Bainimarama has ordered 'cut their hands off'

THE REAL CLEAN UP AT LAST: Soldiers painting over the VRF graffiti.
Intelligence sources say Fiji's dictator, Frank Bainimarama, gave a clear directive to his personal bodyguards, loyalist and to the police commissioner: "Cut their fucking hands off, no court cases – make an example."

As a result a 12 year old boy had his three fingers broken by soldiers in Lami after he was found tagging a bus shelter with anti-Bainimarama sentiment.

According to Fiji Today who says it spoke to the boy's family about the incident, the teenager had his face slapped when he didn't give his name and was hit in the head and held on the ground while the second soldier broke his fingers. 

Intellingence sources say the search is now on for the two soldiers responsible for the torture tactics on the teenage tagger.

A task force has been hunting for VRF since the group first revealed itself to Coupfourpointfive last week, warning Bainimarama people would no longer tolerate his illegal regime, releasing pictures of billboards and buildings it had graffitied.

Sources from the inner sanctum say Bainimarama has made it very clear to those around him that there is to be  be no mercy for VRF and its supporters.

Intelligence info says the goons are using rental cars and water authority vehicles to go around the country looking to VRF. 

VRF's graffiti campaign against Bainimarama has widened with the group calling on taxi drivers and bus operators to stay off the road tomorrow (Monday) as a sign of protest against the continuing PER, draconian decrees and lack of elections.

The group has also continued to release pictures of its latest targets and says it wants everyone fighting for democracy to work with the Methodist Church.

Insiders say Bainimarama has been venting at the Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, because senior officers and the Compol have failed to make arrests and has told his bodyguards that if they catch anyone putting anything about the government on walls to "cut their hands off".   

The police commissioner has been directed that if police catch any of the VRF members they are to hand them over to the the dictator's bodyguards so they can break their hands and legs. 

In the past week the regime has also been trying to quell stirrings of civil disobedience, cancelling the Methodist Church conference and telling people it will not tolerate any disprution to peace.


VRF calls for people to work through Methodist Church

Viti Revolution Forces says it's widening its campaign and moving closer to key targets.

Pictures from the group show it's certainly leaving its mark: it's graffiti campaign has spread from the roadside billboards of Frank Bainimarama and bus stops to vehicles in the government car parks and to locations near the residence of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

VRF says the picture above is from the government car park Civic House and is one of the vehicles for new Land Bank Unit. The slogan reeads "PM & AG Criminals" - evading treason.

It says the picture to the right is from Lovoni Street Tamavua, next to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's residence and reads "Sayed AG "U" will die soon" - VRF. The old billboard favourite of the dictator, below, has meanwhile reappared with a new message.

VRF is urging people to actively engage in activities to lobby against the regime and to organise massive protests to pressurize overseas government, the United Nations and other key bodies to help find a resolution for Fiji.

It's urging people to work through the Methodist church.

More VRF pics:


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