Friday, August 19, 2011

Rumblings in Fiji with latest Methodist Church and Frank Bainimarama show-down

Posted by Raw Fiji News - 19 August 2011

By Tui Savu
Once again Vore and his Military Goons display just how insecure and scared they are, despite the fact they alone possess weapons of mass destruction in Fiji today.
Land Force Commander Mosese Tikoitoga summoned Deputy General Secretary Rev. Tevita Nawadra to QEB at 6am on Monday (15th) to deliver him a directive, Vore does not want incumbent President Rev. Ame Tugaue and General Secretary Tuikilakila Waqairatu to preside at next week’s Annual Methodist Conference (23-25/08/2011).
The Methodist Church Leadership after some discussion sent Rev. Nawadra back to Tikoitoga with a message stating as there’s nothing constitutionally to bar them from presiding at the Conference, both Rev. Ame Tugaue and Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu will preside in their official capacities.
FYI, under the Methodist Church Conference, the only grounds someone else can officiate instead of the President is if the incumbent dies during the Conference or is subject to some disciplinary charges by the Church, which neither applies to Rev. Tugaue or Rev. Waqairatu.
Tikoitoga seeks to rely on the alleged conspiracy charges. Bloggers will remember that on 03/11/2010, conspiracy charges against 36 fellow Methodist Church Ministers were dropped for lack of evidence including charges against Ro Temumu Kepa as well, but only Rev. Ame Tugaue, Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu and Rev. Manasa Lasaro continued to be charged.
Their matters were adjourned in June this year to January next year and I won’t be surprised it will be dropped for lack of evidence as well. This is clear lawfare or the abuse of the legal system to keep selected people under control and preoccupied, like Qarase’s case as confirmed by ex FICAC Prosecutor.
Predetermined adjournment???
Both Rev. Ame Tugaue and Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu since their election to their positions as President and Secretary respectively have never been consecrated to their official positions, so this Conference is their last option to officiate in their official capacities as their term expires this year.
Who will preside at the Conference will determine who blinks first! If Rev. Tugaue and Waqairatu backs down from the threats of the Military Junta, then the Military Junta has won.
So what if the Junta calls off the Annual Methodist Church Conference! At least it will show to the world, just how spineless Vore and his Junta are and cause the people of Fiji to rise up to this spineless tyrant!
Drau toka dei Qase Levu kei Vunivola Levu, me bula ko Viti!

Ajith Kodagoda and Anthony Gates recruitment drive in Sri Lanka turns sour

Ajith Kodagoda, a Sri Lankan national who’se made his name under Frank’s illegal regime is under fire from his native Sri Lankan government.
Sources say the Sri Lankan government is not happy with the outcome of Ajith Kodagoda and his mate Anthony Gate’s broken promises to Sri Lankan legal eagles they recruited to participate in Fiji’s compromised judicial system.
They say Kodagoda’s role as Sri Lanka’s honorary counsel to Fiji is under question as reports of the regime’s interference with Anthony Gates, Aiyaz Khaiyum and Nazhat Shameem’s illegitimate judiciary is brought to light by the very legal officers Kodagoda and Gates hired from Sri Lanka.
It is reported that Sri Lankan prosecutors and judicial members working in Fiji are contemplating another mass resignation soon to prove their point that Kodagoda and Gates misled them.
Most of them feel they’ve been used by the duo and want out.
So why exactly did an unknown individual like Ajith Kodagoda compromise his position by lending a hand to Frank’s treasonous government?
What is in it for him?
Or should we say, what is in it for his CJ Patel boss, Sandeep Patel and his close circle of friends like Vimal Suruj Sharma and others?
A blogger said, “Ajit Kodakoda,has contacts in judiciary in Lanka and he threatens all coming to Fiji not to talk ill or you will have difficulty getting a job back home .Why is Ajit with a GLASS in all his Photos, Vimal Suruj Sharma the Goli of CJ can tell more stories”.


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