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The Real Reason why Aiyaz Khaiyum Sacked Madhawa Tenakon

Posted on Raw Fiji News - 17 August 2011

There are more revelations today on the real reason why former senior prosecutor and Manager Legal for Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption, Madhawa Tenakon, was sacked by Aiyaz Khaiyum in early July 2011.

Insiders have told Raw Fiji News the claim by Aiyaz Khaiyum that Tenakon was dismissed due to “non-performance” is an outright lie by the master deceiver.
They say the “non-performance” by Tenakon was really  Khaiyum’s vindictive response against Tenakon on a legal opinion he made regarding the  ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and others pending cases with FICAC.
In his legal opinion, Tenakon is quoted to have said that the FICAC cases against Qarase and his associates were unsubstantive and lacked good legal argument to prosecute them.
He went even further to say that the cases were a deliberate abuse of court system that was a waste of taxpayers funds and that he found it extremely unethical to continue pursuing cases against Qarase that were based on false allegations.
Saki Tuisolia and Laisenia Qarase in court
As we had reported here, team Frank’s main wish is to prosecute and jail Qarase. It was their agenda item number one since the December 5th 2006 coup d’etat with the belief that putting Qarase behind bars for his alleged corruptive behavior will immediately legitimize their position in power.
Former members of Frank’s military regime like Epeli Ganilau, Ului Mara, Pita Driti, Mahendra Chaudhry and others will attest to this fact after they found themselves caught in their own initial spiteful web to catch Qarase.
And 4.8 years on, team Frank is becoming really anxious that Aiyaz Khaiyum has failed to do his part in jailing Qarase and others as planned.
They are nervous that Aiyaz has failed to present them with their big catch Qarase over 4.8 years, in their growing desperation born out of revenge that is full of trickery.
Instead, Aiyaz Khaiyum have successfully jailed some other high profile individuals like retailer giant Motibhai Chairman, Mahendra Motibhai Patel and Suncourt Hardware Director Dhansukh Lal Bhika for corruption.
Mr Patel was charged for corruption while serving as Chairman for the government owned Fiji Post Limited while Mr Bhika was charged for giving benefits to a civil servant in exchange for government’s hardware business.
Meanwhile Qarase’s high profile FICAC case with former Native Land Trust Board CEO, Kalivati Bakani called in early June has been delayed once more after sacked FICAC prosecutor Madhawa Tenakon asked the court that more time be given to them to study the thousands of pages presented by Qarase and Bakani’s lawyers for a pre-trial conference scheduled for August 2011 but now deferred to January 2012.
Sources say it was also this request by Tenakon that angered Aiyaz Khaiyum and Frank’s other legal minders causing them to sack him.
They also say that Tenakon’s failure to get the regime a guilty verdict on an earlier case between FICAC vs husband and wife Sakiusa and Imrana Tuisolia was construed as a traitorous streak on the part of Tenakon by Aiyaz and team Frank.
Sitiveni Weleilakeba's photo
Sitiveni Weleilakeba
The other high-profile pending FICAC case involving Qarase and former CEO Fijian Holdings Limited, Sitiveni Weleilakeba, who have been charged with ten counts of abuse of office, forgery and uttering forged documents is also an interesting case to watch with its dragged out hearings a probable signal that the charges against the two are malicious in nature.
It is a well known public fact that both former indigenous Fijian executives Kalivati Bakani and Sitiveni Weleilakeba who are named as co-defendants in Qarase’s prosecuting cases by FICAC are mere victims of association with the deposed Prime Minister Qarase.
They were irresponsibly targeted by Aiyaz and his other legal connivers  in their spiteful mission to charge those seen to be close to Qarase, yet they coerced with some others like Aiyaz’s Anty Nur Bano Ali, who was once a member of Qarase’s inner circle think tank team.
Anty Nur is now one of Aiyaz’s most trusted ally who is racking in millions of taxpayers funds for her over-rated professional services rendered to Aiyaz’s regime.

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