Monday, August 15, 2011

NZ Indo-Fijians Angry at Plans for Rabuka to Speak at Independence Celebrations

While those protesting against the planned visit to NZ of former Fiji PM, Rabuka, have all the right in the world to do so, it seemed lost on them that he is not in any way under any ban or visa restriction. In fact as a former democratically elected PM, just like Chaudhry and Qarase, he had in fact been to NZ many times on official and other business. He is therefore entitled to enter NZ if given a visa and I expect he will.

The real issue appears to be opposition for him being a speaker at the celebration of Fiji's independence in Auckland. But that will be a matter for the organisers. Those protesting therefore need to direct their anger at them. Mind you, the celebration will be for all Fiji peoples, Fijians, Indo-Fijians, Rotumans and others. It will be sad if the celebrations is marred by the uninformed and biased position adopted by those who've chosen to ignore the fact that Rabuka has more than atoned for his wrong of the past. After all, he was properly elected as PM but later lost an election for daring to partner with the Indian dominated NFP party, led by one Jai Ram Reddy, who also now resides in Auckland.

But if the vitriolic attacks reported on Coup Four Point Five below are anything to go by, it looks like there are some very very angry and unforgiving people out to relitigate matters that well and truly belong to the shelves of Fiji history.

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 15 August 2011

NZ Indo-Fijians angry at plans for coup maker Rabuka to speak at Independence celebrations

Opposition is growing in the Indian community to the planned Auckland visit of Fiji's first coup maker, Sitiveni Rabuka.

The former army officer is a keynote speaker at the Fiji Independence Day celebration in October, marking 41 years of independence from British rule.

Rabuka was invited by organiser Pio Wong - the former Chief of Staff of the RFMF when  Rabuka carried out his two military coups in 1987. Wong is now living in Auckland.

Wong (pictured left) told the Indian Weekender that “Fiji Day is being celebrated on such a big scale for the first time, and we want to make it memorable.”
But members of the Indian community are outraged at the thought of Rabuka being allowed to speak at the celebrations, on their behalf.

Online messages range from disgust to anger. 
Comment One: "He was the very person to install fear amongst the Indo-Fijians in Fiji and gave less notice to human right abuses in Fiji. He virtually ruined the hard work of Indians in Fiji -- should he be talking on behalf of Indians here? I don't think so!"
Comment Two: Why should he talk about us Indians. He created havoc in the than Peaceful loving country. He murdered the adage FIJI THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE. How many innocent mothers and sisters (Indians) were raped; women were told to give birth under gun point so his soldiers could watch.
Comment Three: Mr Rabuka U stay in Fiji. Fiji was my home. Just because of you I am in NZ, my parents in Canada and till last last year my late brother was in Fiji. I can still remember the days of killing animals from Muneweni - poor Indian farmers just watched your army slaughtering their animals.
Comment Four: He shouldn't talk on behalf of Indians 'cos he created major fear. People lost jobs and had to leave such a beautiful country. I don't think so!
Comment Five: Totally against it. He shouldn't be speaking for Fiji Indians. I hate that man so much. How come he is in NZ and there are rugby players who have not been granted visa to play sports here; this is ridiculous. People who will go and listen to the bullshit he is going to speak, I believe are the most pathetic and foolish Indians."

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