Saturday, August 06, 2011

New Revolutionary Fiji Movement Formed to fight 'violation of workers rights'

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 06 August 2011

Intelligence sources say Fiji's trade unions have formed the Fiji Workers Revolution Movement and held its first meeting at an undisclosed venue in the West two nights ago.
Sources say the meeting was organised by the Strategic HQ and that the leaders of all the unions representing Fiji, agreed unanimously that a revolution is the only way forward.
Information shows they have agreed to and given their full mandate and financial support to the movement to organize a scientific, systematic and calculated grand workers union revolution to start next week on Monday the 8th.
The grand plot, locally and internationally, is aimed at crippling the economy on a daily basis.
Sources say the meeting adopted the establishment of a four point plan strategy, which was signed by all union affiliates. A major part of the plan is the marshalling of the international pressure to embargo all Fiji bound cargoes and goods through international ports of entry and through international airports. The detail of the four point plan and strategy will be released in our later addition.
They say the objective and focus of the plan is to show the illegal government and the world that the draconian union decree to dissolve and remove the rights of the workers and unions signed by the illegal President this week "is a direct violation of the fundamental freedom of association, movement, negotiation, reconciliation, bargaining and fulfillment of the workers basic human rights in Fiji."
The following resolutions were agreed to:
1) The meeting recognizes the formation of the Fiji Workers Revolution Movement (FWRM) as the only voice to organize and activate the national grand plot to cripple the economy through scientific, systematic and calculated revolution in all government ministries, statutory organizations, factories, companies and industries. 
2) The financial assistance to run the operations of FWRM is secured through affiliate member unions and volunteer corporate business giants’ locally and internationally, plus sympathizes.
3) The union members of all Union movement in Fiji are encouraged to communicate with the office secretariat of FWRM through the Facebook adress 'Kalou Taukei' with email, cell phone, fax, telephones, numbers and tetxs.
4) Members of the unions are to be communicated with the activity for the first revolution strategy.
Sources say the meeting was the first of its kind with leaders standing up and showing strength. The Intel source said the atmosphere in the room was that of "fearless souls and the fighting hearts of warriors who show an untainted and unwavering spirit of the real battle winners."
One representative said: "We must not bow down to the devil because we are always strong in the end. History has shown unions always stand tall . This is evident in the nurses’ strike in 2000. This can be done again, like when the unions changed the regime of Chaudhry."

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