Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Military Figures in Illegal Regime Slowly Dying

17 August 2011

Pio with his Illegal PM when he was his Permanent Secretary

Sources in Fiji have just revealed that Former Permanent Secretary in the Illegal PM's Office, Lt Col Pio Tikoduadua, has just arrived quietly back in Fiji from 7 months hospitalization in China.  

He was seen at Church in Nausori on Sunday and reportedly:
  • looked very old, lost weight and could barely walk; and

  • there was a big scar visible around his neck as he was admitted for Cancer of the throat.
Readers may well remember him as one of those fraudulently encouraging Fijian landowners to lease and sell their UNUSED land. 

As my source stated...

"Sa kani koya na via saga na noda qele." 

Translated as "His attempt to trifle with Fijian land is now eating him"! 

Readers may recall blog reports of his trip to China. No mention in Fiji though of his return as the regime no doubt would not want the nation to learn of the grave health of its members as they begin to expire one by one. Well here it is: It is for medical treatment just like his illegal PM previously. Click here for story on Pio's Life

No doubt it is the same fate that awaits other key figures in the illegal and military regime running the nation of Fiji with illegal decrees.

Natuva with Illegal AG Aiyaz

It is also revealed that Minister for Works, Timoci Lesi Natuva, is in a hospital in India for an eye operation.

"Era na baca kece mai" says the source! They will all get ill!


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