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Methodist Church: We will not sell out to 'Evil Bainimarama'

Posted on Coup Four Point Five - 20 August 2011

! The faces of Bainimarama - All of them Evil !
Fiji's worst abuser of power ever might have taken on more than he realised by threatening to cancel the Methodist Church conference on Tuesday.

The country's biggest Church has resolved to stand its ground and to fight whatever evil and injustice, the immoral and greedy Bainimarama metes out.

Obviously worried at the thought of the Methodists coming together after four years of being held down by him, Bainimarama is trying to neuter the Church by making sure the President, Rev. Ame Tugaue, the General Secretary Rev. Tuikilakila Waqairatu, and the former President and Head of the Standing Committee, Rev. Manasa Lasaro don't attend.

He wants his stooges instead to preside over the Conference meeting. 

But Coupfourpointfive has it on good authority that the macawa commander will not find it so easy to nuke the Church. While he's ruled by his fear, the Church is ruled by its faith and its legal obligations to members.

"Our stand is that in line with our Constitution, it is the President who will preside over the conference and he is to be assisted  by the General Secretary.

"We are standing our ground and that is, that the church is the church of God. The conference will not be run by the junta; if he does that he will make it the Church of Bainimarama.

"It is the Church of Jesus Christ and we want to maintain it that way. If we are to bow down to him than we lose our vision. What else do you have if you lose your faith; when you sell your faith? If we sell that for something else, that's the end.

"We are supposed to the light. We are supposed to be standing up for the rights of the people because we are the Church."

Bainimarama has been losing sleep over the thought of the Methodists gathering. He tried to scare the church leaders with threats via band boy Neumi Leweni. He also restricted the conference to just 1000. This week he ordered key leaders to step down by Friday noon.

That deadline has now been extended to Monday. But the heathen leader has been unable to rest, sending harassing text messages from Koro Island, again threatening to cancel the meeting if Tugaue, Waqairatu and Lasaro attend.

The conference is scheduled to start on Tuesday morning in Suva and Coupfourpointfive has been told members intend to gather as planned. Going on past ugly behaviour, soldiers could turn up to turf members out or arrest them.

But information given to C4.5 shows the Church has resolve.

"The Methodist Church's stand will never change and they will not move back an inch but they will prove to Fiji and the international community that they will not bow down to the dictator. It is evident that Bainimarama is trying to demoralize the Church and to decide its destiny. According to the Church it's a war between righteous and evil, kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light, body of Christ and the Military, Frank and God. 

"Frank Bainimarama is trying to manipulate the Church to bow down to Satan rather than the mighty God, our Lord, Savior and Master. It's the Church that will last and the calling to be Ambassador's of Christ will prevail come Monday. The Church is prepared to face persecutions and even death because our Lord suffered, too. It's the crown that awaits our faith in this life and it is enough to die for. 

"We  will never bow down to Frank Bainimarama. Not at all. Moreover, the Church has alerted its Ministers and its Congregation to hold prayer vigils until Monday. The Church also calls upon the public to join its effort to free Fiji from the snares of the Devil working through the evil dictatorship of Bainimarama.
"Bainimarama clearly shows his lack of spiritual mindset and the disrespect to the church by even communicating via TXT messages.
 "On the other hand it also shows the desperation and anxiousness about the Church's stand. Any simple man with minimal knowledge of an association such as the Methodist Church should know that there are processes, protocols and constitution to be followed and when it comes to the church, it is really particular about the proper procedures. 

"All ministers all across Fiji and Rotuma have been notified on the recent events and they are expecting the worst from the dictator on Monday. In any case, irrespective of the permission by the junta, the church conference WILL BE held."

As with other recent efforts this week to reclaim democracy, the Church's resolve is a significant development.


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