Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letter to Illegal Fiji PM: Stop Intimidating the Methodist Church of Fiji

23rd August, 2011 

The Illegal Prime Minister
Fiji Government 

Dear Frank Bainimarama
Freedom of Religion  

Frank, once again I am urging you to use your brain and do the right thing and step down. 
Treat this as an advice from an old friend. 

Today you have restricted the Methodist Church from having their long overdue AGM and it is a shame that you have not even spared the house of God from your ego. With the help of your elite advisory group, and your elite security forces, you have become the most hated men in Fiji and the South Pacific.  

Freedom of religion is a very basic human right, and in Fiji is the foundation of our very own civilization. Military interference in the day to day affairs of the largest religious body, the Methodist Church, is simply unwarranted. Stop interfering with the Church’s activities. 

On the same token, I am again requesting you to lift the PER and allow the Methodist Church, and any other religious organization for that matter, to hold their meetings. 

The military has no place in Church, and in fact, they have no place in modern Fiji. You very well know that the international pressure on you is mounting and time is very near for your illegal and brutal regime to collapse. 

Do the humble thing, step down and seek apology. 

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Rajesh Singh
Elected Member of Parliament
SDL –Labour 2006 government
Former Minister for Youth & Sports.


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