Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Key Fiji Military Figures are Sexual Predators

Fiji is safe, assures Col Tikoitoga but his health is not safe from major heart attack, and neither was his secretary from the sexual predator


Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s lackey and RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga has assured Fiji is safe despite the recent hiccups caused by the Methodist Church. He said the impasse created by the Methodist Church does not have any international impact. “What we are doing here is looking after the welfare of the Fijian population,” he said.

Tikoitoga claimed that the illegal government he is propping up is not doing this to attract any international sympathy, rather doing it merely because the illegal government thinks the right thing needs to be done for the population of Fiji. 

“I know it will be misconstrued by international organisations and international media but we need to do this not for them but the public of Fiji,” he said. 

Tikoitoga said the government will continue to persist that the right thing is done for the people of Fiji. And, the Methodist Church is crushed to the ground.

What Tikoitoga has not told the world, least of all, to the rank-and-file military foot soldiers under his command that like his “cassava patch dasher” and coward boss, Tikoitoga is also suffering from heart problems, and was last year admitted to hospital for treatment. He is living on borrowed times.

Scandalously, while Tikoitoga is claiming that the military is acting against the Methodist Church to protect the population of Fiji, highly reliable military officers close to him, are alleging that Tikoitoga was recalled to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks because, while serving as Commissioner Central in Nausori, he had made his private secretary pregnant.

Arsonist Sitiveni Qiliho joins Tikoitoga in sex cover up
Tikoitoga is not alone. The regime’s chief arsonist Sitiveni Qiliho (see, when he was commanding officer with the Fiji battalion in Sinai last year, made one of his young female officers (Lt) pregnant. She is about to give birth soon.

While other officers like Major Saladoka, Captain Tawake, and WOI Vutikalulu have been discharged from military for allegedly similar offences, Tikoitoga and Qiliho’s sexual misconduct investigations have been put on hold by the dictator, who needs them by his side as power is slowing slipping away from him.

We have also been informed that the RFMF is hiding away from the public and the world the death of soldiers who passed away recently on overseas duties.

As for the sexual predators Tikoitoga and Qiliho, your days are numbered – stop hiding behind the dictator’s exposed sulu!


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