Monday, August 22, 2011

In Your Face Vore!! Banimarama - Fiji's Tyrant & Dictator

by Tui Savu
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Finally, the Methodist Church Leadership found the courage to snub Vore and his Military Junta in the face. They’ve shown them, they are willing to stick by their Constitution rather than give in to the demands orchestrated by the Junta’s shadowy figures namely Nazhart Shameem, Aiyarse Khaiyum & Christopher Pryde.

These shadowy figures have sold their souls to the devil and are reaping great benefits for their unlawful roles in being the brains behind the brawn Vore and the Fiji Military Forces.  These shadowy figures, knew 99% of the soldiers didn’t have the economic means to lavish materials wealth on their families and loved ones because of their extended family obligations, so they increased their salaries, whilst the remainder of the civil servants endured pay cuts.

Guess what folks? Well as surely as night follows day, these shadowy figures knew the Fijian soldiers, once they received an increase in their salary, they considered themselves millionaires and took out housing & car loans, which was out of their grasp under former governments.

Once they took out loans, their fate was sealed because they now cannot afford to lose their job for fear of repossession and loss of face, so they willingly compromise their moral values and very soon following illegal orders become second nature, which is where they are today.

That’s why Vore has their loyalty because they are now caught between a rock and a hard place; They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t! What they don’t realise is that this was not planned by Vore, but by the shadowy figures who also control Vore as well.

Vore needs these shadowy figures to continue mapping out his next moves because he needs more monies to come in whether from China is  terms of ‘soft loans’ or other questionable sources to feed his soldiers who will turn on him and in turn them, if not constantly maintained.

Someone confided in me last week, their source in Fiji told him Nazhart Shameem was being paid $25,000.00 per week, taking her gross pay per annum to $1.3m. She’s a big player behind the scenes. Raw Fiji News and Coupfourpointfive and other freedom blog sites have fingered her as the main player behind the scenes.

Irrespective who or what they think they are, they totally miscalculated the Fijian psyche. They truly thought they could lead the Methodist Church to the well and as the Conference day got close, they started laying down unreasonable conditions, hoping the Church will become so desperate and cave in to whatever demands they made just to hold the Conference, which misfired big time. They didn’t take into consideration certain Church Leaders who were able to convince and encourage those faint hearted to fight the good fight and endure the race to the end!

The brave Commander Vore conveniently is visiting the Lomaiviti Group as we speak during this dangerous time, showing himself up as the coward he truly is.

Well Shameem, Aiyarse, Pryde & Vore, in your determination to totally demoralise the Leadership of the Methodist Church in Fiji, you’ve inadvertently lit the fuse of civil disobedience, which will have far reaching consequences throughout the Fiji Islands.

You no longer control Fiji’s destiny because the genie is now out of the bottle and be prepared at all times because it will strike back unannounced. I now hope and pray calm heads will prevail to ensure collateral damage is not too high.


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